10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Pokémon: Masters

Pokemon Masters: How to Get Power-Ups

The recently launched Pokemon Masters may feel short at launch, with a seemingly brief story. But, players of the new mobile title that just beat the story don't know what they're missing out on. In addition to the 18 chapters in the Main Story, Pokemon Masters comes packing a much bigger punch when it comes to endgame content and dailies.

In addition to everything that came out at launch, this is a game that just keeps on giving. So, sit back with your favorite Moomoo Milk, munch on a malasada, and keep scrolling to find 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Pokémon: Masters!

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10 Customize Yourself

While the options are a tad minimal, that doesn't stop the trainers of Pasio from customizing themselves a little bit. Heading over to your Poryphone (as one does), you can see your Trainer card. On that card, hitting the "plus" sign will bring up ways to customize. When you started the game, you got to choose your gender, eye color, hair color, and skin color.

You can change all of those features anytime. But, you can also change your favorite Sync Pair here, which will represent you on your friends list and during Co-Op battles. Any Sync Pair you currently have unlocked will work!

9 Re-Challenge Chapters in Co-Op

After beating Chapter 10 in the Main Story, the real difficulty begins to emerge. The first Interlude introduces Sygna Suit Brock. Starting with his defeat, you get to start the Co-Op option in the Main Story, which adds a multiplayer function to the game. Players can team up with friends from their friends list or random strangers to battle together.

Once the Normal version of a chapter is unlocked, the Hard version becomes available. This version of the battle lives up to its name and can be much more difficult to beat, especially if your opponents have no coordination. After the hard version is beaten, this unlocks Very Hard.

8 Gear

This is such a hidden secret that it takes a specific battle that is easy to miss to unlock it. As mentioned earlier, Co-Op battles are unlocked as you progress through the story.

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Taking on the Hard mode version of Chapter 18: Team Unova (Cheren) will unlock a special Training Area option. Beating that very difficult, hidden battle will unlock Gear! You wanted to be stronger, now you can be! Dozens of bandanas, bracelets, and pins are available for you to try to obtain, each having specific characteristics, and are all upgradeable in multiple ways.

7 EX Missions

By unlocking Gear above, you're now able to enter a world of hurt. EX Missions are special, incredibly high-level battles that offer a lot of great rewards, including new Gear and ways to upgrade that Gear.

But, don't go in with a puffball team. These types of battles need your hardest hitters and are incredibly punishing. Add to the fact that they're all Co-Op battles means you have to work together with others to take down these titans of battle. Awesome! You beat Normal mode! Now, take on Hard mode of the same fight!

6 Events

Events in Pokemon Masters seems to be broken into two types: Character-driven and Element-driven. Character-based events involve some story and that trainer (such as the Pokemon Red and Blue rival, Blue) has a slightly higher chance of being obtained in their loot box (gachapon) system, Sync Pair Scout. Element-based events, on the other hand, focus on a specific element type, such as rock or grass, with experience bonuses for utilizing that typing.

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Needless to say, those events offer potential new characters in the Sync Pair Scout as well. Events tend to have special "vouchers", which are an event-specific currency for each event that can be exchanged for great prizes, such as Gym Leader Notes and coins.

5 Daily Training Supercourses

The Training Area changes daily and offers a lot of great rewards for completing the daily "Training Supercourses". These courses offer Strike, Tech, and Support items for upgrading your Sync Pairs. They can also have a focus on gaining coins or leveling up your teams. Each day has two different offerings, including normal, hard, and very hard modes.

The supercourses also allow players to win up to three times on each difficulty to max out your rewards. You're going to need the extra boosts anyway, so might as well take advantage of every opportunity. While most days only have two available at a time, Sunday is the best day of the week as it has all five supercourses available!

4 Max Leveling and Training

To get to the maximum levels, there's a lot of grind. But, there's a ton of ways to make this easier on you. Aside from the aforementioned Supercourses above, basic Level Up, Strike, Support, and Tech training is available anytime. These offer a normal, hard, and very hard level of difficulty, but the "very hard" is not nearly as difficult as the Supercourse variants.

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Events, EX Challenges, and Missions are just a few of the ways to earn more training materials. While you have minor roadblocks to be able to increase a Sync Pair's max level, the coveted Level 100 takes a little more effort. Gym Leader Notes are required to get that far, so keep an eye out for them as rewards during events and in some EX Challenges.

3 Missions

There are three types of missions in Pokemon Masters: Daily, General, and Event. Daily missions are quick and easy to take advantage of, with the challenges being things like "get coins" and "complete and area with a battle".

General missions are more long term goals, like obtaining sync pairs, logging into the game daily, and having acquired at least a certain amount of a specific item. Event missions work as more of a guide to completing the challenges in events and give some pretty great rewards, such as event vouchers and gems. If you complete any mission, your Poryphone will let you know.

2 Earn Free Gems

Let's face it, the Sync Pairs you can get for free in the main story of Pokemon Masters are pretty good, but you want more. For every 300 gems, you can hit up the Sync Pair Scout, which works as the primary monetization method of the game. Sure, you can pony up and pay real cash for Gems to get more attempts, but the game gives so many opportunities for free Gems.

Make sure to pay attention to the Missions (especially daily), events, as well as nearly anything else. When you unlock any new Sync Pair, head to Sync Pair Stories for your free 10 Gems just for viewing their quick story. They add up quick!

1 Unlock More Sync Pairs

If you're playing Pokemon Masters, you're familiar with the absurd amount of Sync Pairs that are available, with many more on their way. This isn't your classic "Gotta catch 'em all". This is survival of the fittest. You're looking for that 5 Star team to pump up to max. Beating the story unlocks everything that's free, but the Sync Pair Scout is where it's really at.

Pokemon Masters pulls deep from the franchise's own established lore with gym leaders, Elite Four members, infamous rivals, and even protagonists from several games. Do you want Kris from Pokemon Crystal or her Heart Gold and Soul Silver counterpart, Lyra? While some are event exclusive Sync Pairs (like Lyra), there is a ton of possibilities that can come out of the Sync Pair Scout. Save up those Gems because more Sync Pairs are coming!

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