Pokemon Masters: 15 Sync Pairs We Want To See

pokemon masters sync pairs

Pokemon Masters is currently available in Canada before its official worldwide release on August 29. The gimmick to this new Pokemon game is, instead of collecting and battling Pokemon, players will be collecting and battling trainers in teams of 3. Each trainer comes with a Partner Pokemon, which will also have an exclusive move, and the game is set to include all past Pokemon Trainers. However, it seems unlikely that every single Pokemon trainer will be included at launch.

Pokemon Masters has slowly been revealing more and more Sync Pairs (the official term for a Trainer and Partner Pokemon duo), with the likes of Pokemon Adventures characters Red and Blue already being officially unveiled. There is already an extensive list of confirmed appearances, too, such as Lance and his Dragonite, Cynthia and her Garchomp, and Steven Stone and his Metagross.

Yet the design and lofty goals of the game mean there is a ton of potential for appearances. Here is every confirmed Pokemon Masters Sync Pair, which is already quite an impressive roster, and then every Sync Pair we'd love to see.

Sabrina (Gen I)

pokemon masters sabrina

Sabrina is the Psychic Gym leader from Gen I games and has appeared in several games since then. She's a popular character with a small cult following, so it makes sense for Pokemon Masters developer DeNA to capitalize on her popularity. It would make the most sense for her to be paired with Alakazam, as she has had one in most video game manifestations.

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Blaine (Gen 1)

pokemon masters blaine

Blaine is the Fire-type Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island who has, like Sabrina, appeared in several Pokemon games. Unlike Sabrina, however, his most iconic pokemon include an Arcanine, Rapidash, and Magmar, so his Sync Pair isn't as cut and dry. We would wager that his Partner Pokemon would either be Arcanine or Magmar, but until DeNa confirms his inclusion in Pokemon Masters, that's up in the air.

Youngster Joey (Gen II)

pokemon masters youngster joey

Other than the rival, Youngster Joey is the first trainer Pokemon Gold and Silver players will face. He will brag to the player that his Rattata is in "the top percent," which inspired one Pokemon GO trainer to beat raid bosses with a Rattata. Youngster Joey's legacy should appear in Pokemon Masters, with his top percent Rattata right by his side.

Whitney (Gen II)

pokemon masters whitney

Many young, inexperienced trainers fell to Whitney and her Miltank in Pokemon Gold and Silver, as Miltank's Rollout was an incredibly devastating move to counter. Because of the nostalgia of such events, seeing Whitney and her Miltank (perhaps using Rollout as its special move) in Pokemon Masters would be quite the sight.

Giovanni (Team Rocket)

pokemon masters giovanni

Alongside Giovanni photobombing GO Fest, his latest appearance in the Pokemon franchise sees him leading Team GO Rocket during their invasion of the mobile ARG, but there's no reason that Giovanni — one of the franchise's most recognizable baddies — can't appear in Pokemon Masters as well. Of course, the only way to do the character justice is to have him paired with his iconic Persian.

Wally (Gen III)

pokemon masters wally

Wally's character arc was the exact opposite of most rivals. While Gary/Blue was obnoxious and Silver was just plain rude, Wally was truly humble in the beginning. After catching Ralts, he slows begins to build confidence, with it reaching its heights when he challenges the player to a battle on Victory Road. Seeing Wally in Pokemon Masters, with either a Ralts or its evolved form, Gallade, will help connect trainers to the mobile game all the more.

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Archie (Team Aqua)

pokemon masters archie

Team Aqua planned to expand the ocean in Pokemon Sapphire by waking Kyogre, with the scheme being only slightly tweaked in Alpha Sapphire to include putting Kyogre through Primal Reversion. At the helm of such a scheme was Archie, who was the primary antagonist in both games. Legendaries likely won't appear as standard Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters, so it seems that Archie's best pair would be with Sharpedo.

Maxie (Team Magma)

pokemon masters maxie

Team Magma had the opposite scheme of Team Aqua, with the antagonists planning to waken/put Groudon through Primal Reversion. Team Magma, including leader Maxie, was a bit more severe than Team Aqua, but otherwise, the two teams were nearly the same. That said, fans of Alpha and Sapphire also have one favorite. Maxie's Partner Pokemon would likely be Camerupt in Pokemon Masters.

Volkner (Gen IV)

pokemon masters volkner

After Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum players defeat the electric Gym Leader Volkner, pokemon of any level will obey them. Volkner's story is slightly more impressive than some other trainers from the Sinnoh region, as he built the gym's electric traps out of boredom and put a strain on the city's electrical grid as well. Volkner often uses a Raichu, Electivire, or a Luxray in the games, so we would put our money on one of those being his Partner Pokemon in Pokemon Masters.

Alder (Gen V)

pokemon masters alder

Alder has a unique position as the wandering champion of Unova in Pokemon Black and White. He is first met on Route 5 and later appears at several points to help the player stop Team Plasma. Alder is the only champion who cannot be battled the first time the player challenges the Pokemon League, as N has already managed to beat him. His background is also quite tragic, as his starter Pokemon died of an illness, changing his entire outlook on life. Because of this, it is hard to determine what Alder's Pokemon Masters Sync Pair should be, but possibilities include Accelgor, Escavalier, Bouffalant, or perhaps even Larvesta/Volcarona.

N (Team Plasma)

pokemon masters n

N was orphaned as a young boy and raised by Pokemon before becoming King of Team Plasma in Black and White. Ironically, his goal was to liberate all Pokemon despite using them himself to battle. He eventually realizes the error of his ways and how he was being manipulated. N's Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters comes down to a selection of possibilities like Alder, with Carracosta, Arheops, and Zoroark seeming like real contenders.

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AZ (Gen V)

pokemon masters az

Although his appearance suggests otherwise, AZ was once the king of the Kalos region in Pokemon X and Y. His use of the weapon to end the war and revive Floette granted him eternal life but cost him his soul and Floette. During the events of the game, AZ feels redeemed, and because of this, Floette would be the best Partner Pokemon for him in Pokemon Masters.

Lusamine (Gen VII)

pokemon masters lusamine

Lusamine is a notable antagonist from Sun and Moon, as she wants to be a mother to Pokemon, but also has an unhealthy obsession with Ultra Space and Ultra Beasts. It doesn't seem likely that Pokemon Masters will pursue the Ultra Beast component of Pokemon, perhaps for the better, so it's unlikely her experience with Nihilego would come into play. Because of this, her partner Pokemon would likely be Bewear, as it the only gen 7 Pokemon that she uses.

Silver (Adventures)

pokemon masters silver

The rival from Gold and Silver actually goes by Silver in Pokemon Adventures. It turns out that he, alongside Green, is trying to stop the Masked Man and Team Rocket, with it also being revealed that he is the son of Giovanni. Silver's lore in the Pokemon world makes him the perfect trainer for Pokemon Masters, with his iconic, if stolen, Feraligatr being his most likely partner.

Emerald (Adventures)

pokemon masters emerald

Emerald, alongside Yellow, are the only main characters of the manga series not based on game characters, but he is the first character from Pokemon Adventures whose first pokemon was actually a starter Pokemon. Since Brendan is confirmed for Pokemon Masters with a Treecko partner, one of the above Pokemon would likely serve as Emerald's Partner Pokemon instead.

Pokemon Masters will launch August 29, 2019, for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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