Pokemon Masters: How to Get Voucher A

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Pokémon Masters, the new gacha-style mobile game from DeNA, has started off with a bang, giving players a chance to earn extra rewards in the Reach for the Top event. This event began on September 2nd and will run until September 29th. During this nearly one-month event, players will be able to earn extra rewards and meet famous trainers.

The Pokémon Masters Reach for the Top event stars rival trainer Blue, one of the top trainers from the Kanto region, and his Pidgeot. Players must have cleared Chapter 5 and recruited Skyla in order to take part in the event. The event provides eleven unique Event Story Quests as well as fifteen Event Missions.

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 Why Get Vouchers?

During the Reach for the Top event, players can claim rewards by trading in a certain number of Voucher A in the shop. Replay Tickets, which allow players to play certain missions again, can be had for 100 Vouchers. Three 2-Star Level-Up Manuals can be had for 50 Vouchers each, five 1-Star Level-Up Manuals can be bought for 30 Vouchers each, and 10 Vouchers can be traded for 10,000 coins three separate times.

The most costly item is a 5-Star Power-Up for 300 Vouchers. This item is worth the trade, though, because it can be used to increase a Sync Pair’s number of Stars. Trading for coins may seem enticing, but players should save their vouchers for better rewards, as there are many ways to earn coins in Pokémon Masters.

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 Getting Voucher A

While players will earn some Vouchers for completing Event Missions, they will still be short on Vouchers if they want to claim all of the rewards. This means that players must farm certain Quests to earn enough vouchers. The co-op Quest "Take Down Blue! Round 1" is Normal difficulty and will drop eleven Vouchers, while "Take Down Blue! Round 2" is Hard difficulty and will drop thirteen Vouchers.

Players should focus on getting the 5-Star Power-Up first, and then start working towards Replay Tickets, Coins, and the other rewards. This event lasts almost an entire month, which gives Pokémon Masters players plenty of time to earn all the rewards they desire. There is more to gain than just Vouchers, too. For example, players can recruit Blue during the Reach for the Top event.

Pokémon Masters is available now on iOS and Android.

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