Pokemon Masters: How to Get Gym Leader Notes

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Pokemon Masters is out now, and it has been gathering positive reviews so far; however, the game plays and feels differently from the mainline games in the series. Pokemon Masters focuses heavily on Sync Pairs which is a duo consisting of a Pokemon and a trainer. There are different Sync Pairs available in the game that players can collect, and each Sync Pair sports different Pokemon/Trainer combo, stats, moves, star-ratings, and max level cap. Players can level up Sync Pairs by battling other people and using special items that can be earned by playing the game. However, there’s a level cap for each Sync Pair and players need to use items in order to unlock the next level cap for individual Sync Pairs.

Unlocking level cap in Pokemon Masters is not difficult at all, especially during the beginning stages of the game, but the final level gate is quite hard to unlock. Players are going to need special items called Gym Leader Notes to hit the max level for a Sync Pair. Gym Leader Notes can be pretty challenging to find if players don’t know where to look, so this guide is going to help Pokemon enthusiasts collect Gym Leader Notes in Pokemon Masters with relative ease.

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How to Get Gym Leader Notes

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In order to reach the max level cap with Sync Pairs, players will need Gym Leader Notes along with other items. Here are all the ways players can get Gym Leader Notes in Pokemon Masters:

Co-Op Hard Missions. (Brock, Flint, etc.)

Exchanging items in the exchange menu. (Expensive, 100 Skill Capsules = 1 Gym Leader Note)

Completing Limited-Time Supercourse events. (Only during Role-Specific Supercourses on 'Very Hard' Difficulty)

Pokemon Masters: Best Way to Get Gym Leader Notes

Of all the methods mentioned above, the easiest way to farm Gym Leader Notes is by doing co-op missions. Players who want to farm this item without having to wait for Supercourses to rotate around should take on Brock on Hard difficulty. It's relatively easier and faster than other methods, and there's a 10% drop chance of getting Gym Leader Notes. It's going to take some time and grinding to actually collect enough notes to unlock the max level cap for all the Sync pairs, but this is definitely the easiest approach.

Pokemon Masters is out now on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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