Pokemon Masters: How to Get Power-Ups

Pokemon Masters: How to Get Power-Ups

Pokémon Masters for mobile is taking the world by storm. Players can battle or team up with beloved trainers from past games, collect Poké friends, and even level their teams up to take on more difficult challenges. There are many ways to get a Pokémon's stats up, like unlocking gears, leveling, and power-ups. This quick guide will give trainers the low down on how to build up their Sync Pairs by grabbing these power-ups and applying them to their favorite Pairs.

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What's a Power-Up?

A power-up is an item used to increase the stats of Sync Pairs. They can boost a team's star level, bring up their level cap, and make a pair much stronger. A Sync Pair can use up to 20 power-ups total. While a pair can only reach a top star level of five, further power-ups will raise their max level and other stats.


Where to Find Power-Ups?

While five-star Power-Ups are available for purchase with event tickets through the Reach for the Top event exchange, most trainers will get their power-ups by getting duplicates through the Sync Pair Scout (the Reach for the Top event will end at the end of September of 2019; it is unclear if future events will allow players to purchase Power-Ups in the future). To get Power-Ups through the scout, trainers will need to get the same Sync Pair six times to yield one power-up. While it's a lot of grinding, it'll be worth it to boost Pairs to their peak.

How to Use a Power-Up

Using a power-up is really simple. Go into the "Increase Potential" button at the bottom of the Team menu. Select the Sync Pair that is going to receive the boost. Characters can only use boosts that are their level or below; trainers cannot use five-star boosts on three-star character. So use three-star boosts on characters until they have four stars, then use four-star power-ups to get to five.

Once a character is selected, the Power-Ups menu will show the boost in stats they will receive. Five-start Power-Ups give a two point boost to each stat and a five point boost to HP. Now hit confirm. That character has been Powered-Up and is ready for their next Pokémon Masters battle!

Pokémon Masters available on mobile for both Android and iOS.

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