Pokemon Masters Has Huge Earnings in First Week

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The Pokemon Company's next big Pokemon mobile game has been available for a week and it's already putting up impressive numbers. Not only did the official Pokemon Masters Twitter account confirm that the game had been downloaded over 10 million times in less than five days, but reports about the game's revenue are also impressive. According to app revenue estimates from Sensor Tower, Pokemon Masters brought in an impressive $26 million in its first week.

According to the Sensor Tower estimates, Pokemon Masters' first-week revenue makes it the second-best performing Pokemon mobile game yet. That's not necessarily surprising when you hear that the third-best performing Pokemon mobile game is Pokemon Quest with $3 million revenue in its first week. But all the more surprising in comparison to the top-ranked game, Pokemon GO, which brought in a staggering $56 million revenue week one with a much more limited release.

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Such success isn't common, however, and Pokemon Masters' numbers are certain to be well-regarded at The Pokemon Company. Those numbers helped Pokemon Masters climb into the top 10 grossing mobile games for the week of August 26, where it peaked at ninth. It's also directly competing against its more-popular Pokemon sibling, Pokemon GO, which likely isn't helping. Still, The Pokemon Company is certain to be happy having two Pokemon games in the top 10.

Sensor Tower also provided estimates regarding which regions where Pokemon Masters was bringing in its revenue. The majority stemmed from Japan, which brought in over 60% of the game's revenue. The United States, for comparison, only brought in about 17% of that. Pokemon Masters microtransactions aren't said to be too overbearing, but the USA does tend to be less comfortable with in-app purchases. To a degree. The USA is Pokemon GO's main source of revenue.

There remain many questions regarding the longevity of Pokemon Masters. Its had an impressive first week, to be certain, but maintaining that momentum for a month or even a year is another matter entirely. The game's built around a type of storytelling and progression that can lead players to feeling like they've finished. But if The Pokemon Company and DeNA can routinely release new content for Pokemon Masters, then maybe it'll be another impressive achievement for the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon Masters is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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Source: Sensor Tower

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