First Pokemon Masters Event Stars Blue and His Partner Pokemon

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In anticipation of Pokemon Masters' upcoming release, DeNA has released the first edition of Pokemon Masters News, where it's revealed that the first event for the mobile title will star the rival Blue.

Story Events will be limited-time events in Pokemon Masters that will let players go on an adventure with a particular Trainer and their Pokemon, called a Sync Pair. The first Story Event, called "Reach for the Top," will star Blue and his Pidgeot.

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The "Reach for the Top" Story Event won't start immediately upon Pokemon Masters' release but will begin instead on September 2 and run until the 29th. The event lets players get a feel for the Blue and Pidgeot Sync Pair, but while the event does offer some rewards, it does not give you the pair themselves for free. Blue and Pidgeot will be featured in the Sync Pair Scout, giving a higher chance of pulling him when attempting to draw new Sync Pairs. Blue and his partner Pokemon were already revealed, but seeing them in action so soon is bound to excite long-time Pokemon fans.

While this first Story Event is available only for a limited time, they'll eventually come back, allowing those that missed out on an event the first time around another opportunity to complete them. It's not currently set when the event will return, though. Finally, DeNA will be hosting a Launch Celebration for Pokemon Masters and giving out free Gems and other items to give players a head-start. The celebration will begin on launch day and continue until the end of October.

Pokemon Masters will release with a high number of Sync Pairs to get trainers started - 65 of them, in fact. DeNA says it will eventually add all the past Trainers, so there is a lot left for the studio to add to the title. But, with Pokemon Masters relying on gacha mechanics (that is, spending premium currency for a percentage based chance to pull a particular unit), it'll likely be difficult for players to collect all the Sync Pairs. Still, if Pokemon Masters' percentages are fair enough, players can hopefully get the Sync Pairs they want the most without spending too much money.

With DeNA starting off with a well-known Trainer with their first event, it's clear that it's looking to gain attention for Pokemon Masters' release.

Pokemon Masters will release on August 29 for Android and iOS.

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