Pokemon Co. Releases Absolutely Bizarre Music Video Starring Magnemite

pokemon magnemite music video

At this point, The Pokemon Company is notorious for releasing some of the most absurd music videos based on various Pocket Monsters. The company has placed Pokemon like Slowpoke in the limelight in the past, and now Magnemite has been selected as the next beast to have its 15 minutes of fame in what is one of the most bizarre videos released yet – something of an accomplishment given what's arrived from the firm so far.

The music video in question is completely in Japanese, which follows the release pattern of past videos before they eventually complete their localization process and make another round of waves upon their English release. With that said, there's still something wholly unsettling about Magnemite (a metal, floating orb with one eye) and that is and that is accurately portrayed in the tune featured below. Viewers be warned though, as it's an oddly contagious song.

Admittedly, having a "catchy" song is oddly appropriate given the series' "gotta catch 'em all" tagline, but fans can decide whether or not it's worth tapping their foot to.

The music video features snippets of gameplay from both Pokemon GO and the recently released, core franchise installments of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Additionally, there's an almost Where's Waldo aspect to the footage that allows watchers to try to spot Magnemite prior to the camera zooming in on its location. It's quite engaging, at least before users realize that the creature could be hiding in plain sight watching them right now.

Much like the Magikarp music video which only just released to celebrate the release of the latest mobile Pokemon game, Magikarp Jump. Whether or not the company plans on following up this video with a Magnemite-centric game remains to be seen, but it likely will begin and end with the oddball song.

Now, it's possible that Magnemite may have a bigger role in the recently announced Pokeland app, but fans of the Steel/Electric-type shouldn't hold out too much hope on that front.

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