In a weird promotional tie-in, the Pokemon Company International and Japanese lingerie company Yummy Mart are partnering up to release a Pokemon-inspired line of lingerie.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out later this year, and the Pokemon GO augmented reality game following shortly afterwards, we were confident in declaring 2016 as the year of PokemonBut nothing could have prepared us for the upcoming promotional tie-in product that The Pokemon Company has in store for Pokemon fans.

While some companies settle for simple tie-in products like Batman statues, The Pokemon Company decided to eschew simplicity in favor of something a little more eye-catching by announcing an upcoming line of Pokemon-inspired lingerie. In probably one of the weirdest promotional tie-ins we’ve seen in recent memory, The Pokemon Company and Japanese lingerie company Yummy Parts will offer Pokemon fans a lingerie line that includes products such as a Pikachu cape, Pikachu underpants, Pikachu sleep mask, Poke Ball-clad shorts, and a Poke Ball-shaped toiletry bag.

This lingerie line will be available on April 20th, and those interested in purchasing some of these Pokemon lingerie pieces and accessories can order from the Yummy Mart online store – though it appears that the line is currently only available for Japanese fans.


For all the weirdness that comes with wearing Pikachu underpants, this isn’t the first time The Pokemon Company has put out some odd merchandise. Just a few months ago, The Pokemon Company revealed its Hip Pop! Parade collection, which sold items that focused specifically on the Poke-posteriors of several monsters. As for those Western fans who are keen on getting their hands on some Pokemon fashion items that isn’t lingerie or butts of fictional monsters, there’s the new lifestyle line of unisex clothing items based off of Pokemon, which was announced a couple of months ago in an event hosted by Drew Barrymore.

News of this new lingerie line caps off a big week of news for Pokemon. Just a couple of days ago, rumors were flying around about a possible live-action Pokemon film, and a massive bidding war over the film’s rights is nearing a conclusion. With new handheld Pokemon games coming soon, a mobile augmented reality game following shortly afterwards, a live-action Pokemon film potentially in the works, and now a new line of Pokemon-inspired clothing, the franchise’s 20th anniversary is definitely shaping up to be something special – and headline worthy.

One thing is for sure though, this new line of Pokemon lingerie means we’ll probably have to update our list of weird facts about Pokemon

Source: IGN