Pokemon Let's Go: How to Easily Get Shiny Pokemon

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One of the biggest challenges in the Pokemon franchise is finding shiny Pokemon out in the wild. These discolored Pokemon are extremely rare, so players are always looking for opportunities to better their odds at finding them. Thankfully there is one method in Pokemon Let’s Go that increases the chance of finding shiny Pokemon while exploring the Kanto region. Here is how players can find shiny Pokemon a little easier.

How to Find Shiny Pokemon

Nearly every installment in the Pokemon franchise has some form of Pokemon chaining, where players can encounter the same Pokemon over and over again to get a better chance at finding a shiny, and Pokemon Let’s Go is no different. In fact, Pokemon chaining in this game is the easiest it’s ever been. Catching the same Pokemon back-to-back without breaking the chain will increase the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon as well as finding a version of that Pokemon with perfect IVs. In Let’s Go, this is called a catch combo.

To perform this trick, players simply need to catch the same Pokemon repeatedly without breaking the catch combo. The game lets players know how many of a specific Pokemon they have caught in a row, making it easy to keep track of the combo. There are a few things that will break the combo: having the Pokemon flee from an encounter, catching a different Pokemon other than the chained Pokemon, and closing the game software. Chaining Pokemon not only increases the chance of shiny and perfect IV Pokemon, but it’s also great for leveling up Pokemon as well.

Pokemon Let's Go Mankey Catch Combo

While Let’s Go is missing some mechanics that Pokemon fans have come to expect from the series, this combo mechanic definitely comes in handy when trying to snag shiny Pokemon. The higher the combo is, the better the chances are of finding a shiny Pokemon or a Pokemon with perfect IVs. The combo streak is broken up into tiers, with each tier increasing the odds of finding these special Pokemon:

  • Catch Combo 1-10: 0 Perfect IVs and a 1/4,096 shiny chance
  • Catch Combo 11-20: 2 Perfect IVs and a 1/1024 shiny chance
  • Catch Combo 21-30: 3 Perfect IVs and a 1/512 shiny chance
  • Catch Combo 31+: 4 Perfect IVs and 1/341.3 shiny chance

If players happen to accidentally bump into a wild Pokemon other than the one they are chaining, players can flee from that fight and not break the combo. Battling trainers will not break the combo either. Because Pokemon walk around on the map now, players will be able to easily see a shiny Pokemon before running into the encounter. Once players reach the 31-combo mark, they can simply just walk around and wait for a shiny Pokemon to pop up out of the grass. While Legendary Pokemon can't be chained, players will be able to see if they are shiny when they approach them.

It is worth noting that these odds are without the Shiny Charm players can get in Celadon City for completing the Pokedex, so if players really want a shiny Pokemon they may want to get the Pokedex completed first. Players can also use Lures to increase the chances slighly. With a lure at 31+ chain, the shiny rate goes up to 1/315.08, so they're definitely worth investing in. While this method does make it easier to find shiny Pokemon, the odds are still incredibly low so players will likely be spending a lot of time running around catching duplicate Pokemon. Hopefully, players will find this new combo mechanic useful when tracking down these elusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Let’s Go is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Serebii

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