Outside of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo’s other major game for E3 2018 turned out to be Pokemon Let’s Go. The Nintendo Switch game isn’t the mainline Pokemon RPG many fans were hoping for, instead serving as a cross between the traditional handheld games and the popular mobile title, Pokemon Go. While Nintendo hasn’t been shy about the setting taking place in the classic Kanto region, the company recently went a step further and posted an updated map of the area.

Taking to Twitter, the official Nintendo of America account decided to show off the completely re-vamped Kanto region through a meticulously designed map. Though the post was light on specific details, the account did hint that the region is now more vibrant and completely re-imagined in Pokemon Let’s Go from what longtime fans may remember in the classic titles. The official artwork also depicts plenty of Pokemon fans may come across including the four Legendaries: Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and MewTwo.

Longtime fans of the series will notice plenty of landmarks from the classic Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow series of games including the Safari Zone, Mt. Moon, and the Power Plant to name a few. The community has also spotted a few interesting items from the lush looking map including a volcano that now resides within Cinnabar Island, a place known for fire type Pokemon. The SS Anne, a ship docked at Vermillion City, also appears to now be landlocked and unable to actually sail out in the ocean as many players originally thought. Naturally, this has caused all sorts of fan theories to emerge.

In addition to big changes to the combat system, Nintendo recently showed off another controversial change to how gym battles work. Unlike the classic Pokemon games, gyms will now have a requirement that players will need to pass before taking on the trainers inside. For example, the Pewter Gym now has a guide that first requires players to show a grass or water type Pokemon before entering. For new players, it’s a great way to ease them into the experience, but longtime fans have expressed concern that these requirements will server more as restraints and prevent them from pulling off impressive feats like permadeath runs.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee release on November 16 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.