Pokemon Let's Go Replaces Blue/Gary With Trace

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While Pokemon Let's Go is heavily based on Pokemon Yellow, there are quite a few notable changes. Outside of gameplay, there is one variation that alters the story in a significant way. Blue, or Gary, as he is called in the animated series, is being replaced by an entirely new character, Trace.

The switch was revealed during the Nintendo E3 2018 press event, where gameplay from Pokemon Let's Go was being shown to audiences. During the demonstration, when the protagonist enters Pewter City, he is greeted by Trace, who Nintendo explains is the main character's new rival.

In stark contrast to the previous rival, Trace is a kind, well-mannered character that provides encouragement and helps players, even going so far as to hand over useful items to aid them on their journey. Trace is also very skittish, according to the team demoing the game, and they believe players will have fun discovering what scares him.

pokemon lets go trace rival meeting pewter city nintendo switch

Along with a new rival, Nintendo divulged tons of other information about Pokemon Let's Go during the event. It was revealed that the adorable, and powerful, legendary Psychic Pokemon, Mew, is exclusive to the Pokeball Plus controller, and will be included with every purchase. This is sure to frustrate players who wanted to skip the peripheral, but delight those who were planning on buying the interactive device.

There was also more news on the relationship between Pokemon Let's Go and the mobile game Pokemon GO, aside from their very similar names. Pokemon that are transferred from Pokemon GO to the Switch title will wind up in the game's Go Park. However, if the transferred Pokemon is then captured, it will be removed from Pokemon GO entirely. To make up for this, the account that the Pokemon originated from will receive Pokemon Candy for the trade.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee release on November 16 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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