Pokemon Producer Reveals What It's Like Inside A Pokeball

Pokemon Inside A Pokeball

A Pokemon Sun and Moon producer reveals what he envisions the inside of a Pokeball looks like, answering a question many fans have debated about for years.

Pokemon fans have often speculated exactly what happens when Pokemon are put inside Pokeballs, an argument which has lasted for years. While many believe that the precious Pokemon go to a Dr. Who tardis-esque space of luxury, others believe the Pokemon are horribly stuffed into a dark, tiny box, or perhaps even an alternate dimension where time and space don't function like that do across the lands of the Alola Region.

Earlier this week, Pokemon Sun and Moon producer Junichi Masuda set the record straight when asked exactly what he believed happens to Pokemon called back into the innocent-looking orb.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s very comfortable inside inside of a Pokeball, it’s a very comfortable environment, maybe the equivalent of a high-end suite room in a fancy hotel.

Fans worrying that their poor Pikachu is reliving the Harry Potter closet bedroom life can worry no more, because apparently those Pokemon are living it up in a place not unlike the Ritz-Carlton. Why a human never made the trek inside a Pokeball, we will never know, because that seems like a great way to avoid the entire winter season.


While gamers now know what goes on within a Pokeball, the actual Pokemon Sun and Moon titles still harbor plenty of secrets ahead of their simultaneous release this November 18. Console gamers won't be able to use the game with the new Nintendo Switch,  but we imagine the tropically located title will still attract plenty of interest from mobile Nintendo fans. One intrepid Poke-fan has already datamined the demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing plenty of interesting tidbits of the game and shining light on some of the new Alola forms of Pokemon.

Intrepid trainers still out adventuring in Pokemon GO have also kept the remunerative Pokeball industry thriving, despite what many have said about the application slowing to a crawl. It looks like there's plenty of Pokemon out there everyday being forcefully moved into the "Pokeball Resorts," and the result is that Pokemon GO is still the fastest earning application in mobile gaming history. The application has now made over 600 million dollars for Niantic, which means a lot of trainers are still exhausting their Pokeball reserves at a high rate.

What do you think about the insides of a Pokeball, Ranters? Did you imagine it was different than how Masuda described it?

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are set to release on November 18, exclusively for the Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Kotaku

Image by Donnie Illustrations.

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