10 Pokémon With The Highest Flee Rate

Some Pokémon are rare creatures that take a lot of effort and time to locate. Once these elusive creatures are finally found, they tend to be rather easy to catch in order to reward players for being lucky enough to have caught one in the wild. However, the more common Pokémon can be an entirely different story.

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The more common Pokémon tend to have higher flee rates. This means that a player is less likely to catch them on their first try and any failure could result in the creature simply leaving entirely. This is due to the fact that these Pokémon are a dime a dozen and that the loss of one is not the biggest deal to the player. However, that does not make the encounter any less annoying.

10 Spinarak (20%)

The Spinarak is the first Pokémon on our list. He has a flee rate of 20% and is a rather difficult little bugger to get one's hands on. The Spinarak is both a bug type and a poison type. This means that he is weak to fire, flying, rock, and psychic based attacks.

The Spinarak has the ability to learn three unique abilities which include Swarm, Insomnia, and Sniper. Swarm allows the Pokémon to boost the effectiveness of certain moves when their HP gets too low. Insomnia keeps the Spinarak from being put to sleep during battle. And Sniper makes critical hits far more effective than they would be on their own.

9 Sentret (20%)

Sentret is one of the more adorable Pokémon on this list (which allows us to forgive him for being rather difficult to catch at times.) He is a normal type Pokémon; which means he is weak to fighting based attacks.

The Sentret stands at around two feet tall (including his tail) and weighs nearly thirteen pounds. The Sentret has the ability to learn three different abilities. These abilities are Keen Eye, Run Away, and Frisk. The Frisk ability allows him to figure out exactly which items the opposing Pokémon is holding onto (which can really come in handy during battle.)

8 Zigzagoon (20%)

The Zigzagoon is a normal type Pokémon. Which believe it or not, is an actual category under which Pokémon can be sorted. Being a normal type Pokémon means that the Zigazoon is weak to fighting based attacks.

The Zigzagoon is a rather formidable opponent as, though he is one foot tall, he weighs nearly fourty pounds! He also has the ability to learn three unique abilities. These abilities are Pick Up, Gluttony, and Quick Feet. Pick-Up allows the Pokémon to grab neat things for you while the two of you are out and about in the world. Gluttony allows the Pokémon to eat its treats more quickly than other Pokémon. And Quick Feet allows him to counteract the effects of certain attacks by boosting his speed to compensate.

7 Wurmple (20%)

The Wurmple Pokémon is a bug type Pokémon. All bug type Pokémons are weak to flying, fire, and rock based attacks.

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The Wurmple is very similar to the Caterpie as they are both around the same size (being about a foot tall and nearly six pounds in weight) and they both have the ability to learn the same abilities (these abilities being Run Away and Shield Dust; both of which will be explored in greater detail below.)

6 Pidgey (20%)

The Pidgey is a rather irritating little Pokémon (as most of the creatures with high flee rates are as they are rather common and tricky to catch) that falls under both the normal type and the flying type.

The Pidgey Pokémon can learn three unique abilities. These abilities Keen Eye, Tangled Feet, Big Pecks. Keen Eye gives the Pidgey the ability to protect its accuracy rates in battle. Tangled Feet allows it to counteract the effects of confusion by giving its evasion a boost. And Big Pecks allows the Pidgey to keep its defenses at high levels during an attack.

5 Zubat (20%)

The Zubat is a Pokémon which falls under the poison and flying type categories. Being a poison type means that it is weak to psychic based attacks. And being a flying type Pokémon makes the Zubat weak to rock, electric, and ice based attacks.

The Zubat has the ability to learn Inner Focus and Infiltrator. The Infiltrator ability grants the user the ability to remain entirely unaffected by the consequences of certain moves which have screen type effects.

4 Caterpie (20%)

The Caterpie is a bug type Pokémon. Pokémon of this type are known to be weak to flying, rock, and fire based attacks. Caterpies, on average, tend to be rather small. Standing at one foot high and weighing about the same as a newborn human (roughly 6lbs.)

The Caterpie can learn to master the same two abilities as the Weedle; which are Run Away and Shield dust (explained in detail below.)

3 Weedle (20%)

The Weedle is a Pokémon which falls under two different types. The two different types being both bug and poison. The Weedle is weak to rock, flying, and fire-based attacks, so keep this in mind when sending him out to battle.

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The Weedle has the ability to learn Shield Dust and Run Away. Shield Dust is a special move which prevents any offensive move by an opponent from creating additional damage afterwards.

2 Rattata (20%)

The Rattata Pokémon is a mouse type that is considered to be one of the more annoying breeds in the canon universe. His ability to flee from prospective players who seek to catch him is rather amusing considering the nature of its abilities, which include: Run Away, Guts, and Hustle.

The Run Away ability allows the Rattata to immediately exit any battle based situation. Guts allows the Pokémon to counteract a lingering effect and temporarily boost its own attack while this effect is in place. Hustle is a rather double-sided ability as it does boost the Pokémons attack but it comes at the cost of severely impacting their accuracy rates.

1 Abra (99%)

Abra is a psychic type Pokémon that has one of the highest flee rates of all (at nearly 100%.) Abra is nearly three feet tall and weighs little more than forty pounds. Making him the size of an average kindergartner.

Abra has three known abilities: synchronize, inner focus, and magic guard (though it is important to note that this is considered a hidden ability. Synchronize gives Abra the ability to send back the attack his opponent dealt him in a "I'm rubber your glue" type situation. Inner Focus gives Abra the ability to overcome the urge to flinch when being attacked. And Magic Guard gives Abra the ability to protect himself against certain attacks that have residual effects that linger long after the attack itself has ceased.

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