10 Pokémon Who Can Heal Themselves In Battle

There are a lot of healing moves in the Pokémon series and a large number of Pokémon that can use them. But if you’re looking for the most effective self-healers, there are some that rise to the top.

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Admittedly not all of them are useful in PVP situations. Some are situational, while others are only available in certain generations; however, if you’re looking for some interesting self-healers to add to your team, then these should be at the top of your list.

10 Venusaur

Venusaur is a familiar face for those who’ve played the Generation I games or the remakes. As a lowly Bulbasaur, it learns the move Leech Seed which can be planted in the opponent and siphon away their health each turn.

In Generation I the move was a lot weaker as it only took 1/16 of the opponent’s HP. It received a massive boost in Generation II by now taking 1/8 of the opponent’s HP, making Bulbasaur a powerful grass starter. Venusaur isn’t the best fighter, but it is available in every Generation of games and is one of the few passive methods of dealing damage while healing the user.

9 Rayquaza

This legendary ranks a bit lower on this list because it simply doesn’t have the same defensive stats others do when it comes to using Rest, which recovers 100% of the user’s HP and then puts it to sleep for two turns.

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Its strong attack abilities mean it can use a move or two to dish out some damage before regenerating all of its lost health through Rest. Its ability to tap into its Mega form without an Orb is also handy for increasing its self-healing uses.

8 Shuckle

Shuckle may be the butt of many jokes regarding Pokémon, but it makes good use of one of the best healing moves in the games, Rest. Rest will regenerate 100% of the user’s health at the cost of putting it to sleep for two turns.

Shuckle may be goofy, but it is a very, very strong tank. With lots of HP, great defense and special defense, it’s capable of taking a lot of damage and remaining standing afterward. A solid strategy is to apply a status effect on the opponent, and then sleep away any damage done via Rest. Shuckle with Rest is available starting Generation II.

7 Palossand

Palossand’s healing abilities are incredible. With the move Shore Up, it’s capable of regenerating 50% of its health outside of Sandstorms and recovering 2/3 of its HP in Sandstorms. Obviously you’ll want to be in the right environment, but even if you aren’t this move is still powerful.

Admittedly, thanks to mediocre stats and combat abilities, Palossand isn’t terribly effective in PVP situations. Nevertheless, it can be an effective tank in the ideal environment and can make a mess of things with Stealth Rock or Shadow Ball.

6 Celesteela

Another Pokémon that can use Leech Seed, Celesteela is easily the strongest and most equipped to take advantage of this passive healing method. With its decent stats and strong defensive capabilities, it can use moves like Protect to stall incoming damage to reap the benefits of Leech Seed.

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Unfortunately, Celesteela is only available in Generation VII and Leech Seed is completely ineffective against Grass types. Against any other Pokémon, Celesteela can be a strong self-healer that holds its own in PVP.

5 Yveltal

Yveltal’s signature move Oblivion Wing is an incredibly powerful move that both heals the user and damages the opponent. It has 80 base power and restores Yveltal’s HP by 75% of the damage dealt. If Yveltal is holding Big Root, this is increased to 97.5%.

The downside is that Yveltal isn’t available until Generation VI, but with the right setup, Yveltal is capable of standing up to higher tier PVP Pokémon. Thanks to its healthy stats and useful moves it’s very versatile and can step into practically any role.

4 Kyogre

Kyogre is a surprisingly good self-healer thanks to good HP, strong special defense, and the Rest move. Again with Rest, it’s capable of regenerating 100% of its health before falling asleep for two turns. If up against a special fighter, Kyogre can take the hits and return water damage of its own before needing to rest again.

It’s not a great self-healer for PVP, but its more than strong enough for PVE situations. When coupled with the Blue Orb to access its Primal state, Rest becomes even more capable.

3 Groudon

As capable of self-healing as Kyogre is with Rest, Groudon is even more powerful. With strong stats in attack and defense, it's a straightforward brawler that sees a lot of use in PVP. Admittedly, Rest isn’t seen on Groudon’s move sets in PVP, but the ability to regenerate massive amounts of health and resist lots of damage is great for those looking for a someone that can heal itself.

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The Primal state via the Red Orb is greatly encouraged to fully utilize its self-healing abilities and finding moves to nudge defense and especially special defense up is always encouraged.

2 Snorlax

Snorlax is a strong self-healer that was much more powerful in earlier Generations but saw some decline as the series went on. Even so, it’s too powerful not to mention. It has incredible HP with decent special defense stats that allow it to absorb powerful hits.

Snorlax's main perk is that it’s available as early as Generation I, where it learns Rest at level one. In later generations, it learns the ability in the mid to late 20s, but it’s still a solid self-healer.

1 Chansey/Blissey

These two are probably the Pokémon most fans think of when it comes to self-healers and for good reason. In one turn, Chansey and Blissey are capable of regenerating 50% of their health with no downsides thanks to Soft-Boiled.

The other major benefit is that this move is available early and both Pokémon can use it starting in Generation II at levels 13 and 10 respectively. The other bonus with these two self-healers is they can also heal the team outside of combat. They may not have many uses in PVP, but you absolutely want one on your PVE team. The immense HP stat also makes their self-healing powers even more incredible.

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