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It's been several months since you first fired up your copy of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White, and even the most dedicated Pokemon Masters may be starting to slip into a state of Pocket Monster withdrawal (I know I am). Fortunately, this month 3DS owners will see the release of Pokemon Rumble Blast, and as fun as the game may be, it's still not the next adventure game that fans have been waiting for. That problem may be disappearing shortly however, as it seems that a new title called Pokemon Gray may currently be in development.

A web domain for Pokemon Gray (appropriately titled '') was set up by Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services. This may, at first glance, seem like someone trying to cover bases in an attempt to beat Nintendo and The Pokemon Company to the punch — just like the recent Modern Warfare 3 web domain dispute — but a further look into Melbourne IT DBS shows that they are the exact same company that registered the official domain for Pokemon Black and White. That's a good indicator that Pokemon Gray is on its way.

The Pokemon series has become infamous for releasing three versions of the same game — with two releasing side-by-side and a third following them up a year or so later. Pokemon Gray would then presumably be a follow up to most recent Pokemon Black and White versions which tackled retailers this past March.

What would really be interesting would be if Nintendo planned on releasing it on the Nintendo 3DS. There's no debate that the game would sell like hotcakes on the portable, and systems would almost surely move as a result. Updating the graphics a little and adding mild 3D effects would be a great reason for Poke-enthusiasts to revisit the story told in Pokemon Black and White.

We may not get any more news on Pokemon Gray for a little while longer, but Nintendo may decide to pull a shocker and reveal it at their presentation this Friday. As incredibly awesome as that would be, I wouldn't bet on Pokemon Gray making an appearance this week. Still, weirder things have happened.

Will you settle with Pokemon Gray or will you be waiting for a remake of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire? Would you prefer the next Pokemon game on the DS or 3DS?


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Source: Nintendo Buzz

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