When attempting a Pokemon GO legendary raid, the more players taking on the raid, the better. But some brave fans have chosen to disregard the advice and have decided instead to challenge a legendary raid with just a small ground to back them up.

While two players beat a Moltres raid last week, the latest daring attempt at beating a legendary raid comes from Japan, where three players successfully beat a Zapdos raid. The electric, flying Pokemon hasn’t been available for long but the players quickly figured out that a team of three is the lowest possible number required to take the legendary on.

As shown in a video of the impressive feat below, the trio used Golem and a Tyranitar to defeat the Zapdos. Zapdos guides had already identified the fact that ice and rock-type Pokemon would be most effective and the players were smart to put that technique in place.

Unfortunately though, the player on raid recording duties was unable to successfully capture the Zapdos, despite their best efforts. ‘Excellent’ rated catch attempts proved unsuccessful and the player was likely effected by the Pokemon GO Premier Ball glitch. Niantic has said that it is on the case and is currently working on a fix, but for the players who have put in the work for a chance at catching the legendary character, this will not be much consolation.

In response to the video, some have also voiced their frustration that Pokemon GO seems to use luck more than skill when deciding if players can catch a Pokemon. There’s no denying that the players in the Zapdos raid are good at the game, using their know-how of Pokemon types and ball-throwing skills to try and catch the Pokemon. However, even this wasn’t enough and it seems that it just wasn’t the player’s day. That’s incredibly unfair for those who try their very best, argue some.

At this point, it’s unclear whether Niantic will address these concerns. Although raids are hugely popular, with over 80 people showing up to one Moltres raid, there are plenty of complaints. From bugs and glitches to just issues with how the system works (including concerns about wasting raid passes), Pokemon GO players are clearly unsatisfied with how things are right now. The developer is also working on making the game as a whole more technically stable and so even if it does get around to addressing these concerns, it could still be a short while until it rolls out some fixes.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS.

Source: りょーじ’s PokemonGO movies – YouTube