The Pokemon GO team announced today that Legendary Pokemon Zapdos and Moltres are planned to release for capture “soon.” The reveal comes as part of a letter to players regarding this weekend’s Pokemon GO Fest and the greater community’s efforts during the Challenge Window. At the end of the event, Team Mystic was named the winner for catching the most Pokemon overall, resulting in the immediate availability of their Legendary Pokemon mascot, Articuno.

Articuno is available to capture alongside Lugia in the new raiding feature right now, which makes them the first and second Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. And while the raiding feature’s launch may have been somewhat of a rocky beginning, fans the world over are as excited as ever to get their hands on these Pokemon. That doesn’t mean players have been successful in catching these Legendary Pokemon, which have become a major challenge for even the most veteran players. Given their status, Legendary Pokemon are supposed to be hard to catch, but some argue that Niantic’s implementation makes them near impossible.

For now, though, it’s just Lugia and Articuno, with Zapdos and Moltres coming next. Niantic can’t release the two additional Legendary Pokemon just yet, as Team Mystic does deserve a victory lap for its achievement. It is a good reward, after all, knowing that Team Instinct and Team Valor are out there right now trying to capture your own mascot.

Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon Zapdos and Moltres Soon - Articuno

Meanwhile the weekend’s Pokemon GO bonuses for the raiding event and Pokemon GO Fest have come to a close. For the weekend, players have been receiving twice as much Stardust, Candy, and XP as normal, along with increased Pokemon encounters and reduced hatching and buddy distance. Those bonuses ended at 5:00pm PT today unfortunately. Hopefully, more events like this are in the mobile game’s future, since they typically get more players involved.

For the time being, Team Valor and Team Instinct will have to rest easy knowing that Moltres and Articuno are going to be released shortly. Worst case, players can hone their raiding skills and get their raiding team into a rhythm so they’re best prepared for those Legendary spawns appearing above gyms.

Pokemon GO is available no on iOS and Android devices.