Pokemon GO: When Do Earth Day Rewards Unlock?

Pokemon GO Earth Day rewards

Pokemon GO's Earth Day 2019 challenge spanned from April 13 through April 28, which means that time is up for players who were hoping to work towards unlocking the best rewards. Niantic hasn't announced the final results just yet, but they only have a few hours to get those out before the reward event is scheduled to kick off.

When announcing the Earth Day 2019 activities, Niantic revealed that after the main event concluded, the events would be available from April 29 through May 2, 2019. The company didn't specify the exact start time, but we can use what we know about other Pokemon GO events to draw some logical conclusions. At this point, it seems like every non-Safari Zone event launches at 1pm PT.

That means that players should gain access to any rewards that we managed to unlock sometime this afternoon (west coast time). Since that's only a half day away, trainers should keep an eye on the official Pokemon GO twitter account for a reveal of which reward tiers have been unlocked.


Obviously the third tier rewards are the best and players are keeping their fingers crossed that Groudon will arrive in level five Battle Raids later today to offer some fresh motivation for players to get out and complete some Raids. If you're feeling optimistic, be sure to review our Groudon counter guide before the reward event begins.

In addition to Groudon raids, shiny Diglett's release is also a major motivation. That only requires the second reward tier, so it actually seems very likely based on the results of similar events from prior years.

Be sure to check back in the coming days for more Pokemon GO news, updates, and strategy guides. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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