Since its release, Pokemon GO has been responsible for getting gamers, both casual and hardcore, outside and active in the real world. A game that relies on actual walking to participate, trying to be the very best like no-one ever was can give fans quite the fitness boost, and one dedicated gamer has lost 85 pounds just from playing.

According to a post on the Pokemon GO subreddit, user treyyates gives credit to his spectacular weight-drop solely to Niantic’s mobile game, claiming that catching Pokemon gave him the extra motivation needed to lose the excess poundage. From July to December of last year, the long-time fan spent time every day completing his Pokedex and even bought additional incubators to hatch eggs as an incentive to keep playing.

“While people say ‘Pokemon GO is dead‘ or isn’t the cool thing to play anymore, I tell them that that’s just garbage. The game has meant more to me this year than what Harry Potter has meant to other people my age for their whole lives.”


Since beginning his Pokemon-themed workout routine, treyyates has also started lifting weights and running daily, a concept that would have seemed foreign to him just last year. To thank him for his post and to wish the trainer well, developer Niantic recently sent the user two Pokemon GO Plus watches for both him and his mother, who also plays the popular app.

No matter how some may feel about Pokemon GO as a mobile game, it’s hard to deny results like this. If nothing else, the game was able to get players actively exploring their neighborhood in search of Pokemon, and the exercise was just an added benefit.

In other Pokemon GO news, the game might just be picking up some of its lost fans lately, as Niantic has added the first legendary Pokemon into the wild. Players have to participate in large-scale raids to get a chance at obtaining the mythical creatures but with the amount of people looking to get their hands on a Lugia or Articuno of their very own, this is unlikely to pose a problem.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Reddit