Pokemon GO developer Niantic surprised many fans yesterday when it revealed the game’s dynamic weather system. The upcoming feature would allow the game to take local weather into account and it can even impact Pokemon spawn rates. For example, Water-type Pokemon may spawn more frequently when it’s raining, more Fire-types may spawn when it’s sunny, and so on and so forth.

One thing that Pokemon GO players won’t see, however, is exclusive weather-specific Pokemon. In a new interview about the upcoming feature, lead developer Matt Slemon confirms. “We don’t have any Pokemon that will only show up in a given weather condition.”

“There are some Pokemon who care a lot about their weather conditions,” says the developer, who used (Water and Grass-type Pokemon) Lotad as an example. Lotad may show up in “large numbers” when it is raining outside, but Pokemon GO players who live in an area where it doesn’t rain very often may still come across the character.

Pokemon GO weather system screenshot

For Pokemon GO players who live in places where it is always sunny, or in places that have a lot of snowfall but few other weather types, this is fantastic news. If Pokemon GO was to tie exclusive Pokemon to its weather system, it may be seen as actively punishing players just for living where they do. They can’t control the weather, so it wouldn’t be fair to include that in the game.

Moreover, Pokemon GO already has issues with characters and gameplay features that are available to some players but not to others. For example, there are region-specific characters like Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan which can only be found on certain continents (bar the occasional road trip for in-game events). In addition to this, rural players have long complained that Pokemon GO is not a fun experience for them. Players who live in rural areas say that there aren’t enough PokeStops and Gyms for them to visit as is.

The weather system is not the only major update in the works for Pokemon GO. The trading and PvP features are still on the way, and Niantic is also developing some social features for the game as well. Hopefully, the developer will take a similar approach with these and ensure fairness with the features, allowing all Pokemon GO players to make the most of them no matter where they live.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Verge