Pokemon GO Weather System is Broken

Pokemon GO extreme weather warning issue

While fans of Pokemon GO typically have several reasons to be excited to play the game, such as the upcoming Charmander Community Day, the game is admittedly prone to bugs and issues. This is relatively common among mobile games, but one of the latest bugs to plague Pokemon GO deals with its dynamic weather system.

This morning, a player discovered that the weather icon was missing in their game and reached out to Niantic Support. The company responded by revealing that it is investigating an issue with the well-liked weather system and thanking its fanbase for its patience in waiting for a fix. While hearing that the weather system is currently broken may be a bummer for many Pokemon GO players, at the very least they know that Niantic is well aware of the issue.

Since the dynamic weather system’s introduction late last year, it has been plagued with the occasional bug, but it has been well-received by fans. By observing the weather, players could know what types of Pokemon might appear, such as Water-types when it rains or Dragon-types when it is windy. Getting this subsystem back up and running in the game may easily be a priority for Niantic.

Another bug to come out of a recent Pokemon GO update gives players the ability to skip the catch animation. By holding a finger on Pokeball switcher icon, throwing the ball, removing the finger when it connects and quickly selecting escape, players can completely forgo the animation. Of course, it sounds relatively simple, but it can be complex, with practice required to master the technique.

In due time, however, it seems likely that Niantic will fix the aforementioned animation bug and the dynamic weather system. Hopefully the fix for the weather system comes sooner rather than later.

Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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