Pokemon GO Water Festival Event Begins Today


A brand new Pokemon GO event begins today as players can take part in the "Water Festival" fun. Following another recent update that increases evolution stone rewards, the Water Festival event will see players encounter Water-type Pokemon more frequently.

The event officially starts later today at 1PM PDT/4PM ET/8PM GMT/9PM in Europe and ends on March 29 at the same times. During this time, Magikarp, Squirtle and Totodile (along with their respective evolutions) are more likely to spawn for Pokemon GO players all over the world.

Developer Niantic also says that when players are out exploring areas where Water-type Pokemon already commonly appear, they will "have a greater chance to encounter several of the Water-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region." Encounters with Lapras have also been teased.

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Moreover, Niantic says that players will be able to bag a new customization item for their avatars. Player characters will be able to don the "Magikarp Hat" to showcase their love with the lovable, yet useless splashing Pokemon, Magikarp. It's up for debate whether this is quite as good as being able to catch a Pikachu in a special hat, but many players will agree that it's nice to see Niantic continuing the trend of limited, themed headgear.

Admittedly, the Water Festival event is not one of the biggest things to be added to the game, and it's safe to assume that this isn't one of the three major updates that Niantic has planned for Pokemon GO this year. However, smaller timed events like this are just as important in keeping longstanding players occupied as bigger updates with much awaited features.

The Water Festival event (and other events like it) could also keep players plenty entertained between now and those aforementioned big content drops. Niantic has teased multiplayer gyms along with a trading feature and PvP battles, though release dates for those features are nowhere in sight. So, while players wait, they could at least have plenty of fun catching teams of Water-type Pokemon and looking snazzy in their Magikarp attire.

Pokemon GO is now available for iOS and Android.

Source: Niantic

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