Pokemon GO is getting a Valentine’s Day event that gives players more candy for catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon and makes pink Pokemon more likely to appear.

Running and maintaining one of the world’s most popular mobile games is probably hard work and yet the team behind mega-hit Pokemon GO still has time to work on new content and fresh updates. In addition to working on a brand new Pokemon GO device that hopes to make playing the game safer and with datamining suggesting that Pokemon GO will soon add more Gen 2 Pokemon, developer Niantic has now introduced a new event just in time for the most romantic day of the year.

The Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day update goes live today at 11AM PST and ends on February 15. To celebrate the annual day of love and overpriced heart-shaped decorations, players will get double the amount of candy when hatching, catching or transferring Pokemon and buddy Pokemon will find twice as much candy as well.

Moreover, players can expect “adorable pink Pokemon,” including Chansey, Porygon, Clefable and more to appear more often, while Cleffa, Smoochum and Igglybuff are more likely to hatch from eggs. Niantic also says that Lure Modules will attract Pokemon for six hours instead of just half an hour. So, it may be worth hanging around Pokemon GO‘s PokeStops much more than usual for the duration of the event.


If the previous Pokemon GO holiday event is anything to go by, the game is likely to rake it in as a result of this Valentine’s Day fun. The holiday event saw the game’s revenue bounce back almost to the peak it hit at launch. That event also helped earn $1 billion (impressive as it only launched in July of last year) and the game contributed to a massive 40% increase in Apple’s App Store revenues.

This is fantastic news for Pokemon GO players as it means that Niantic has a massive imperative to continue to host these themed events. While Pokemon GO isn’t particularly exploitative when it comes to microtransactions, players certainly enjoy and appreciate the chance to save money (such as with more efficient Lure Modules) and bag more sweet in-game loot.

Niantic knows that there’s a chance to make bank every time it hosts an event and is likely planning more themed events to satisfy players and make its accountants happy. It’s unclear which holiday will get the timed event treatment next (though a one year anniversary celebration in July seems likely) but watch this space.

Pokemon GO is now available on iOS and Android.