Niantic Shares Crazy Pokemon GO User Stats


Pokemon GO users rack up some insane statistics while playing the game, including walking far enough to encompass a large portion of the solar system.

For those who thought Pokemon GO was losing its momentum, that doesn't appear to be the case—at least not in a serious way. While the launch craze may have subsided, Pokemon GO's developer Niantic just released some crazy data about Pokemon GO players that shows there are plenty still playing the mobile game.

According to Niantic, as of December 7th, Pokemon GO users have walked 8.7 billion kilometers during the lifespan of the game. To put that number in perspective, Niantic put together a short video showing that if humans were able to walk from Earth and through space, 8.7 billion kilometers would take them on a journey past Neptune.


In addition, 8.7 kilometers would be more than 200,000 trips around the entire Earth, and is a trip that would take a commercial jetliner more than 1,000 years to complete. Back in September, Niantic reported that users had walked 4.6 billion kilometers since launch just two months before. So in the last three months since then, players have added another 4.1 billion kilometers to that total.

More than just distance traveled, Niantic revealed that more than 88 billion Pokemon have been caught while walking that distance. That comes out to about 533 million Pokemon caught every day. All in all, Pokemon GO players have kept themselves busy.


This all is more proof of the continued health of Pokemon GO. Even though there aren't nearly as many people playing (and paying into) Pokemon GO, the game is still at the top of the list in earnings for mobile games. Niantic continues to add more content to the game, adding a holiday event, partnering with Starbucks, and issuing updates to deal with bugs.

The game won Best Handheld/Mobile Game during The Game Awards this year and was Google's most popular search of the year. After some fan concern that a promised Apple Watch version of Pokemon GO may never see the light of day, Niantic recently confirmed that it is still coming.

Niantic has said one of its goals with Pokemon GO was to get people out and walking. Based on this data, it appears that goal is being accomplished in spades. If Niantic can keep up the momentum with more updates and content being added to the game, they could potentially continue the trend they are seeing now.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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