Pokemon GO US Field Tests Start Today


Developer Niantic Labs officially announces that field tests for its augmented reality game for mobile devices, Pokemon GO, begin today in the United States.

According to a post on Niantic Labs' Facebook page, those Pokemon GO fans who signed up for field tests in the US last week should be receiving invitations to take part in the beta today if the developer has selected them. Those who are picked to try out the augmented reality game will get an email from the company complete with "detailed instructions" on how to take part in Pokemon GO field tests.

Niantic explained that it plans to select users based on a variety of reasons, and the studio could take into account the types of operating systems fans are running, their gaming experience, and perhaps most importantly, a smidgen of luck. Should someone not receive an email for the field tests today, there's no reason to worry, as the developer promises to expand the amount of invites in due time.

Not only did Niantic proclaim the beginning of Pokemon GO field tests for the US today, but the developer also revealed that it added new features to be tried in the beta, such as letting would-be Trainers help creatures evolve on mobile devices, which is primed to provide players with a more in-depth experience than previous testers. Not to mention, Niantic Labs also included the collection of Pokemon Eggs as well as more fully grown Pokemon. In order to hatch these Eggs, Trainers will need to walk a preset distance, with incubators assisting in the process.


For those unaware, United States gamers are not the first to try out Pokemon GO, as the augmented reality game's field tests began in Japan a couple of months ago. As it happens, the beta trials were so successful that Niantic Labs went on to let other fans from around the world take part in experiencing the title, by expanding field tests to Australia and New Zealand.

Of course, those who try out Pokemon GO in its beta stages are likely to encounter some software issues with the title, as Niantic Labs is in the process of working all of the bugs out of the system. While this may generate some concerns about potential problems the AR game could encounter, it's best to reserve judgment until all of the facts have been received. Naturally, though, the prospect of being able to actually catch Pokemon in the world around us should generate plenty of interest once it eventually releases as a fully completed game.

Are you excited about Pokemon GO's field tests beginning in the United States today? If you signed up, have you already received an invitation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Pokemon GO is set to release sometime in 2016 for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Niantic Labs – Facebook, Blog

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