Although the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago was full of problems, fans of the mobile AR game aren’t ready to give up on region exclusive parties just yet. Recently, events in Japan and California have both gone off with relatively little problems and it seems like Niantic isn’t going to slow down its rollout of smaller, region locked events. In that spirit, the company has just added two additional United States-based events to its game calendar.

We already knew that an Ohio event was in the works, but now it looks like Philadelphia and San Jose will each be home to a special Pokemon GO event this fall, as well. Both events are in partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Neither event will be as large as Chicago’s, but that is likely a good thing in terms of server reliability and network connection speeds.

Here are the details, as reported by

“San Jose will host Viva Calle San Jose on September 17, 2017. Over six miles of streets will be closed off for the events, and participants are encouraged to bike, skate, or walk through six different activity hubs spread throughout the city. Japantown, Lake Cunningham Park, and the Mexican Heritage Plaza will just be some of the major areas involved with the event.”

“Pokemon Go will also have a presence at the Open Streets Philly event on October 28, 2017. Like San Jose’s event, several miles of streets will be closed off running from Philadelphia’s Historic District to the El Centro del Oro neighborhood north of downtown.”


At this point, we do not have any details about special spawn rates or other exclusive opportunities that will be available at these events. It  seems likely that there will be increased Pokestops and Gyms, but it would be surprising to see any roaming region exclusives make their way to the States for these smaller events.

One possibility is that the events will feature a few Exclusive Battle Raids. With a large group of people playing together for a number of days, it seems like a great chance to take down Mewtwo. We’ll update with more details about the events after Niantic shares them.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Niantic