Pokemon GO Upgraded 'Nearby' Feature Hits More Regions


Niantic confirms that the new tracker tool for Pokemon GO is starting to roll out to other regions for additional testing before it's released to the masses.

When Pokemon GO launched, it had a nifty tracker tool that allowed players to pinpoint the location of nearby Pokemon. Unfortunately, this feature became buggy not long after release, and then Niantic ended up scrapping it altogether in favor of far less useful tracker tool. In the meantime, the company has been testing a new tracker tool in San Francisco, and has announced plans to begin testing it in other areas of the world as well.

The new tracker feature for Pokemon GO is now rolling out to all states in the US west of the Mississippi River (except for Alaska and Hawaii), numerous regions in Canada, and all of Australia. The new tracker tool shows which nearby PokeStops the Pokemon are close to, which should make finding the creatures significantly easier than it has been in recent months. Of course, the feature is still in its beta testing phase, so it may not work as accurately as fans may hope.

It took Niantic months to start releasing the upgraded tracker tool outside of the San Francisco area, so perhaps most of its kinks have been ironed out at this point. However, the studio hasn't offered a timetable for when the feature will be released to all Pokemon GO players, so there must still be some lingering issues.

Pokemon GO Upgraded 'Nearby' Feature Hits More Regions - Pokemon GO new tracker tool

After the surge of revenue from the Halloween event, Niantic seems to be releasing updates for Pokemon GO at a faster rate, though, so maybe the wait for the upgraded tracker tool won't take that long. In fact, Pokemon GO updates of varying significance seem to release for the game on a near-weekly basis at this point, so the tracker tool becoming universally available could very well happen before the year is out.

In recent weeks, fans have seen numerous Pokemon GO updates aimed at making it a generally better experience. This has included the launch of a Thanksgiving event that grants players double XP and stardust for a limited time, as well as the addition of Ditto, one of the first generation Pokemon fans haven't been able to catch until now.

If Niantic keeps up the pace, hopefully other fan-requested features will release for the popular mobile game soon. If they're lucky, fans could see the addition of Pokemon trading, player-versus-player battling, legendary Pokemon, and more come to Pokemon GO within the game's first year.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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