Pokemon GO receives a new update which fixes a variety of bugs, brings back the use of the battery saver for iPhone players, and tweaks the Pokemon tracker.

Niantic has continued to roll out new changes to Pokemon GO, with some pleasing fans and others inducing frustration. The latest update for Pokemon GO is out now, and with it comes more changes to the Pokemon tracker, the return of the battery saving mode, and more.

The 1.3.0 update for Pokemon GO includes an altered Pokemon tracker, although the update changelog indicates that only some users will initially have access to the variations while Niantic is testing them. For the affected players, the Pokemon tracker is now referred to as “Sightings,” and all Pokemon are displayed with tall grass behind them. Unfortunately, the Pokemon tracker footsteps are still missing from the game, so it seems Niantic has yet to find a fix for the three-step bug.

Pokemon GO‘s latest update also has other offerings that will undoubtedly please many gamers, including the return of the Pokemon GO battery saver mode for iPhone users. In addition, Niantic has enacted a major bug fix, finally repairing the issue where gamers weren’t being properly rewarded for nice, great, and excellent Pokeball throws. The update also promises that an improvement has been made to the accuracy of curveball throws.

pokemon tracker sightings grass update

Niantic is also continuing its efforts to keep players safe while they play, adding a message that requires players to confirm that they’re not driving when the game detects that they’re moving at too high a speed. Playing Pokemon GO while driving isn’t useful for hatching eggs, but many players have chosen to play while driving in order to quickly pick up Pokestops or catch any Pokemon that pop along the road. While players can simply acknowledge the warning and continue driving, it will hopefully dissuade some from doing so, and might help to reduce the risk of future Pokemon GO car crashes.

This update is ultimately more about restoring what was removed or broken in the game, so it would seem that Niantic’s goal of adding Pokemon GO trading and new Pokemon probably won’t be completed anytime soon. It also remains unclear if Niantic intends to use varying levels of tall grass as a replacement for the tracker’s footprints, or if the tracker will only be a list of nearby Pokemon from now on. One can hope that instead of simply restoring a 1-3 distance meter – whether in grass or footprints – that Niantic developers have been inspired by the smarter Pokemon tracker ideas that have been appearing online and are working to come up with something better.

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Pokemon GO is available for Android and iOS devices in select areas.

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