Despite the worldwide sensation known asĀ Pokemon GO having been available to download for over a year now, the game still feels reasonably unstable, with many players complaining about crashes occuring on a regular basis. A recent update, which launched on July 31, claimed to stop the game crashing on iPhone 6 devices, but user feedback seems to suggest otherwise.

According to the game’s online forums Pokemon GO is still as crash-prone as ever and, while the app has significantly more stability than it did at launch, the issues are severe enough that many users experience a forced close several times a day. Several Pokemon fans are even reporting an increased crash-rate since downloading the latest update, though it is unclear as to whether these are isolated issues.

These types of problems were understable when Pokemon GO was a new concept, but it seems strange that Niantic hasn’t been able to come up with a fix, now a year on from launch. The developer also had no luck with its first attempt at a Pokemon GO Fest‘ as connection errors caused the highly-anticipated event to be a complete disaster.

While some people are relatively unaffected by Pokemon GO‘s lack of stability, a poorly-timed crash could result in a user losing their new legendary Pokemon or ruining a large-scale raid for others who have purchased a Raid Pass. It’s certainly an issue that needs to get fixed sooner rather than later and we’d bet that a lot of users would see the game working perfectly as a priority over further legendary creatures being added.

In other Pokemon GO news, two hardcore players have taken on and defeated the newly-added Moltres raid by themselves. An event that would usually require a handful of high-level trainers, the two max-level players defeated the legendary bird thanks to their trust Golem – a Rock-Type Pokemon that is exceptionally strong against the Fire-Flying bird.

Pokemon GO is out now on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit