Pokemon GO Update Fixes Minor Bugs


Niantic releases the latest update for Pokemon GO, although the update brings little excitement to the table for the holidays, simply offering some minor bug fixes.

A new Pokemon GO update has arrived for iOS and Android users, although it may just be the smallest update that Niantic has pushed out yet. Last week's holiday-themed update saw Pikachu don an adorable Santa hat, and even introduced some new Pokemon (albeit in baby form). Many fans are still expecting a further holiday update to arrive, so this new patch may feel a little underwhelming, as it's all just minor bug fixes.

The new update fixes a bug causing incorrect vibration notifications, which led many trainers to pull out their phones thinking a Pokemon was nearby only to be met with disappointment. The Day and Night modes will also now more accurately reflect the local time of day, and Niantic also implemented some self-described "minor text fixes." For the moment, it looks like the giant buddy Pokemon bug may remain for the holidays, so those who asked for a giant Magikarp friend for Christmas may still get their wish.


The latest update may be underwhelming to those eagerly awaiting some of the new promised content, like shiny Pokemon, costumes, and perhaps the addition of a whole generation of new Pokemon as opposed to a select handful. In any event, 2017 will be a testing time for Niantic, who watched the Pokemon GO application make over $200 million in its first month alone. While the initial waves of enthusiastic trainers have begun to wane due a lack of new content and the cold weather, a new generation of Pokemon may just be enough to bring them all back. If that doesn't work, a promotional Starbucks drink and some extra Pokestops may just do the trick.

The last few months have been rather hectic for the Pokemon franchise, which not only saw Pokemon GO become Google's most popular search term, but also witnessed Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon arrive to massive fanfare and even bigger sales. The latest installment of Pokemon titles sold 9% more than the previous highest-selling title, despite being on the market for 19 days less time – and that's without taking digital sales into account.

2016 was a big year for Pokemon, and the next year will present ample challenge for those who create Pokemon content to match such a successful time. Niantic will have a few tricks up its figurative sleeves, but in the meantime, gamers will just have to enjoy those minor text updates and vibration fixes.

Are you still playing Pokemon GO despite the colder weather, Ranters?

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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