Niantic delivers the first incremental update to Pokemon GO, making some small but valuable changes to the login process and tackling a nagging security issue.

It’s only been one week since Pokemon GO launched, but already the game has become an enormous hit with enthusiast and mainstream audiences alike. Nintendo’s stock has surged as a result — but for the game’s developer, Niantic, the hard work is far from over.

Niantic is being faced with challenges spanning from the server issues plaguing players in the United States to the frustrations of Pokemon fans in regions where the app is yet to be officially released. However, even despite the obstacles ahead, the studio has found the time to release the first incremental update to Pokemon GO.

As expected, version 1.0.1 doesn’t make any enormous changes to the experience, but it does solve a couple of issues that have been bothering players. For one, users that log in with their Pokemon Trainer Club account should find that the process is more stable.

When the update was first distributed to iOS users, there were reports that the Pokemon Trainer Club log in process was no longer working. However, this has since been fixed internally at Niantic, seemingly without the need for a further patch.

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Even better, players shouldn’t have to re-enter their username and password every time they’re forced to log out from the app in the event of a crash. Given the general instability of the game’s servers, this should at least speed up the process of returning to gameplay when issues arise.

The biggest complaint that this update takes care of is the extraneous Google account permissions that the app initially requested. When details of these requirements emerged, there was some unrest in the Pokemon GO community among players who feared for their security.

However, as of version 1.0.1, Pokemon GO only asks for the permissions that it actually needs to run. As it turns out, the information that was requested previously was actually never used, but the root cause of the problem has now been identified and taken care of.

It’s good to see the team at Niantic being proactive with regards to updates, especially given the enormous popularity of the game. There are sure to be problems when millions of players are getting to grips with a new game, but starting to stamp them out now will ensure that the game isn’t weighed down by bugs later on.

That said, fans are eager to see a different kind of update. We know that the ability to trade with friends is on its way, but there’s no time frame on that feature just yet.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android devices in select regions.

Source: Twitter