Pokemon GO players are always on the lookout for an update for the mobile AR game and Niantic delivered yet another last week. Unfortunately, this particular small patch has taken a few days to make its way to the iOS app store. Not to worry though, Apple phone users should now be able to access the latest fixes and new features after downloading the newly released update.

Version 1.45.0 of Pokemon GO makes some nice quality of life improvements to the popular mobile title. Although most of the game’s recent features focus on Battle Raids and Legendary Pokemon, this latest patch actually isn’t quite as centered on those particular elements of the game.

Here’s a look at a screenshot of the update on the iOS store, which includes the main changes that arrive in the patch…


This update may not add trading functionality or anything quite that noteworthy, but it does include a few often requested enhancements. Being able to look back on Gym and Raid Battle items in the journal is a huge improvement and fixes a problem that many players complained about since Battle Raids were released. The additional search functionality in the collection tab is also a nice improvement that will be a major time saver for players who are trying to earn those 50 coins per day.

Pokemon GO is still far from a perfect game, but these kind of quality of life improvements make it clear that Niantic is listening to the community and actively working to make the game better. As the next Legendary rotation approaches, which will see the trio of gen-2 beasts moving to new locations, we look forward to seeing what else the company has been working on. Check back for updates.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.