A few updates back, Niantic dropped the first hints of Generation 3 code into Pokemon GO’s structure. Since then, the community has been making guesses about when the new batch of Pokemon will be released in the game. The latest big update to the mobile AR title continues to lay the groundwork for the the impending Gen 3 release.

In addition to the curveball bug fix, the latest Pokemon GO update brings a long list of other changes to the game’s code. One of those changes that wasn’t advertised in the official notes from Niantic is the addition of support for multiple forms for two Gen 3 Pokemon.

Pokemon with any variation require multiple forms (like Ditto, shinies, costumed Pokemon, or Unown). Adding the support code for Deoxys’ and Castform’s multiple forms means that the game is one step closer to being ready to launch Gen 3.

The experts at The Silph Road were able to pull the following intel out of the APK for the recently announced update…


“Support for two new species’ forms have been added in the v0.77.1 APK! Both Gen III species, they are:
Deoxys: where all 4 of its forms have been added
Normal Form
Attack Form
Defense Form
Speed Form
Castform: who has had 4 forms added as well

Although this is a big step, the game still isn’t quite ready to drop the new batch of Pokemon. One of the big assets still missing is the sound files for all of the Gen 3 Pokemon battle cries. Niantic still hasn’t offered any timeline for when the next generation will drop, but the teaser press release for the upcoming Halloween event did mention new Pokedex entries, which has some fans speculating that at least a few of the new creatures will show up before the end of the month. That’s certainly a possibility, but there isn’t enough evidence to convince us just yet.

Check back for updates about the Gen 3 release date as the year continues. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Silph Road