Pokemon GO Players Say Latest Update Broke the Game

Pokemon GO update broken

Pokemon GO players are saying that the latest update broke the game. A patch released earlier this week altered the evolution item rate and it also introduced the limited time Water Festival event to the popular mobile title, but the content drop may have also introduced a whole host of weird bugs that make the mobile title impossible to play.

On social media, there is an abundance of reports about Pokemon GO not working as intended. The bugs and glitches range in size from small, frustrating issues to larger problems that prevent people from playing altogether. For example, one poster on the game's subreddit has said that the app just refuses to load for them unless they uninstall and reinstall the game each time they want to play. In the comments, another user reports similar problems, saying that they had trouble logging into the game and had to restart their phone and open and close the app several times before it worked properly.

Other issues with the game include "excessively" dropping the connection, using more battery than usual, freezing for up to 15 seconds every couple of minutes and crashes like this one which jumble the screen into a horrific mess. There is also said to be lag that makes nearby sightings of Pokemon flicker on and off, which will be a real pain for those trying to catch a shiny Magikarp.

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Moreover, an existing issue with dodging Pokemon GO Gyms, in which the game fails to register a dodge, making a Pokemon take the full amount of damage, thus knocking them out, seems to be popping up more frequently too. Given that the game already has problem with its Gyms, with GPS drifting stopping players from completing battles as they should, it's no wonder why players are raging about the technical problems.

While many would be quick to suggest that the update is not to blame, the threads upon threads of new complaints (on reddit, imgur, and Facebook) disagree. Players are advising each other to just reinstall the previous version of the game as this seems to be doing the trick, making all of these newfound bugs disappear.

As developer Niantic is hard at work on Pokemon GO, creating three major updates for release this year, as well as continuing to make smaller events such as the Water Festival celebration, it's unclear how soon the company will be able to address these issues, especially as there are that many of them. However, the company did recently confirm that it looks to social media to figure out which bugs to address, so fingers crossed that Niantic is already on the case.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

Source: Reddit

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