Pokemon GO Update Changes Egg Color

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Niantic begins rolling out a new update for Pokemon GO that fixes some lingering issues with the game and makes some minor tweaks, such as changing the color of eggs.

Pokemon GO is the fastest-selling mobile game in history. It is a worldwide phenomenon that has had a profound impact on society in a way that few games have, influencing legislation, and becoming a staple of pop culture. Considering the game's incredible success, one would think Niantic would be faster about adding content to the game that was promised since its reveal trailer, but the latest update for Pokemon GO does something that was probably not on anyone's wishlist:  it changes the color of eggs.

In Pokemon GO, there are three types of eggs. Players can collect and try to hatch 2 km eggs, 5 km eggs, and 10 km eggs. Perhaps as a way for players to better organize the eggs they have in their backpack, the eggs are now color-coded by the distance required to hatch them. 2 km eggs have green spots, 5 km eggs have orange spots, and 10 km eggs have purple spots thanks to the latest Pokemon GO update.

Changing the color of eggs seems like something that should be low on Niantic's priority list, but thankfully the update does a little more than just that. It also adds type icons to Pokemon when looking at the creatures in the Pokedex, fixes some lingering text issues, and also adds an indicator so fans know when their Pokemon GO Plus accessory is low on battery. These minor tweaks should make the game a generally smoother experience for fans, but this update is not exactly substantial enough to bring in lapsed players.

Pokemon GO Update Changes Egg Color - Pokemon GO Egg color changes

At last count, Pokemon GO lost 15 million daily users, a number that is likely much higher at the time of this writing. While issues like the broken Pokemon tracker and the game's initial server problems contributed to players leaving Pokemon GO, the lack of substantial content updates also played a role as well. There are numerous features that fans have been waiting to see since launch, including Pokemon trading, player-versus-player battling, and much more that have yet to make it into the game.

Something else that a lot of enthusiasts have been looking forward to is the addition of Pokemon from later generations. Some may have hoped to see the Johto region Pokemon added to the game by now, but with winter fast approaching, it's possible Niantic will hold off on adding any new Pokemon to the game until next spring, when more people can be out and about searching for the digital critters.

Of course, before Niantic adds Johto region Pokemon to Pokemon GO, it will want to complete the Kanto region Pokedex first. Fans are still waiting to see the shapeshifting Ditto added to the mix, in addition to legendary Pokemon like the three birds and Mewtwo. It's been stated that Niantic is slowly rolling out updates on purpose as to not overwhelm the Pokemon GO community, but if it doesn't start releasing more substantial content for the game, it may not have much of a community left.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Source: Niantic Labs

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