Since its initial launch last year, Pokemon GO has always been a work in progress for Niantic. Pokemon GO has received a regular string of updates that have done everything from fixing performance issues to adding brand new features to the game. The latest update for the popular mobile game doesn’t add any new content, but it does address some bugs that have been plaguing players.

At the time of this writing, there are no specific patch notes available for Pokemon GO‘s latest update on Android and iOS devices. However, Niantic took to Twitter to confirm that the update fixes some bugs, though stopped short of offering details as to which bugs have been squashed.

It’s possible that the update is directed at some new bugs that have come about after the game’s substantial gym and raid update. One of the most notable issues that has cropped up in the game since that update is a problem with PokeStop bonus rewards, where the graphic for the evolution item players can earn doesn’t appear. Of course, players will still have the evolution item in their inventory, but it is an annoying bug nonetheless.

Maybe there have been other bugs in the new update that are impacting the new content added to the game as well. For example, maybe some players are running into problems using the Technical Machines (TMs) that were added with the update. Likewise, bugs could be causing issues with co-op raids or during gym battles, and perhaps this new update will address any of these lingering issues.

We will have definitive answers as to what the latest update for Pokemon GO fixes when Niantic decides to release the patch notes. However, since the update just seems to be small bug fixes and nothing all that extraordinary, it’s possible Niantic may not release the patch notes at all.

While we’re not completely sure which bugs are being fixed in Pokemon GO‘s latest update, it’s still a welcome update, and should help Niantic keep the game running smoothly for longtime fans and new players alike.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Source: PokemonGoApp – Twitter