Pokemon GO players start compiling evidence on Unown, a rare psychic-type Pokemon that can be found in the game after downloading the Johto region update.

Now that Niantic has finally added over 80 second generation Pokemon to Pokemon GO in the Johto update, the game has once again exploded in popularity. Would-be Pokemon trainers the world over are hitting the streets in search of new Pokemon, with some of the new Pokemon rarer than others. So far, it seems one of the rarest new Pokemon in the game is the alphabet-inspired Unown, but rest assured, some have already found Unown out in the wild.

Users on Reddit have started compiling photographic evidence that Unown can be found and captured in Pokemon GO. While Unown seem to be rarer than the rest of the new Pokemon in the game, it’s unclear if players have to do anything special to make them spawn. We can’t say definitively at this time, but it appears as though Unown simply appear in the wild like most other Pokemon in the game, just at a lesser rate.

Of course, it’s still possible there will be a trick to catching certain “letters” of Unown, like there is obtaining Umbreon and Espeon. For the uninitiated, there are 26 different types of Unown in Pokemon Gold and Silver and Pokemon GO, each representing a different letter from the Latin alphabet.


Since there’s 26 different types of Unown for players to find, it’s possible that certain letters can only be found under certain conditions. Pokemon GO uses GPS technology to work, which is how it knows where to place PokeStops and other areas of interest, so maybe Unown letters correlate to the names of the towns where they’re captured. For example, it’s possible only the “N” Unown can be found in New York City, whereas the “D” Unown would be found in Dallas, Texas.

That’s just speculation at this time. Another possibility is that the Unown letter players encounter in the wild is just random, so those that want to catch them all will want to constantly engage them in the wild, even if they already have a powerful Unown in their roster.

As the days go by and the millions of people playing Pokemon GO are able to catch more second generation Pokemon, we should know definitively how the Unown work in the game. In the meantime, players should keep their eyes peeled for the odd psychic-type Pokemon, which are out in the wild right now.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.