Pokemon GO: How to Get Unova Stone

Pokemon GO Unova Stone

Pokemon GO just celebrated its 3rd anniversary, but it is still one of the highest grossing, most played mobile games in the world according to SuperData. This worldwide phenomenon has expanded exponentially over the years, starting with just the Kanto region Pokemon and expanding out into other regions from other games.

This month, developer Niantic just added a new region; fans of the series will recognize Unova as the home of Pokemon Black and White. This new expansion has added many, much-loved gen 5 Pokemon to the world of Pokemon GO. To evolve some of these Pokemon, players will have to find an item called the Unova Stone. Here's a quick guide to help trainers get all the stones they need.

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Which Pokemon Need the Unova Stone?

Not all of the Generation 5 Pokemon will need a stone to evolve into their final forms, but some of the best gen 5 Pokemon will. Here's a quick list of all the Pokemon that players will need to collect stones for:








Pokemon GO celebrates 3 years

How to Get the Unova Stone

Unlike the Sinnoh stones which are gained through Trainer Battles, Unova stones can only be earned through Research Breakthroughs. To earn a Research Breakthrough, players will need to complete seven Field Research challenges. To begin completing these, just spin a Poke Stop; it will assign a random Field Research challenge. These will be things like "catch 10 water-type Pokemon" or "Win a Raid," so players will most likely already be doing these things, especially with all the sweet gen 5 Pokemon added to raids. Players can hold three of these challenges at a time.

Once seven total Field Research challenges have been completed, a random Research Breakthrough reward will appear in the Field menu. Regardless of how many Field Researches they complete in one day, players will only be able to open one Research Breakthrough reward every day. These rewards can be anything from rare Pokemon, Stardust, Rare Candy, Rare Poke Balls, and now Unova stones as well. So while players are out catching their favorite Unova-region Pokemon today, they should make sure to fulfill as many Field Research challenges as possible while they're at it.

Pokemon GO is available for both Android and Apple phones.

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