Pokemon GO Unova Stone, Other New Features Leaked in Datamine

pokemon go unova stone, other new features leaked in datamine

Seasoned Pokemon GO leaker Chrales is at it again, datamining the latest update to the popular mobile game to reveal what's coming for fans in the future. Charles' latest datamining efforts have confirmed new items and features that have been added to Pokemon GO and will likely become active at some point down the line, including a brand new evolution item called the Unova Stone.

Presumably, the Unova Stone will function similarly to the Sinnoh Stone and be required to evolve certain Gen 5 Pokemon. However, the difference between the Unova region and the Sinnoh region is that Unova doesn't have much in the way of new evolutions of older Pokemon. Since evolving Gen 1 Pokemon into Gen 4 evolutions is primarily what the Sinnoh Stone is for in Pokemon GO, it remains to be seen exactly how the Unova Stone will be implemented. It's also unclear how players will be able to get a Unova Stone in the game.

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While the Unova Stone may be the most interesting thing Chrales found in Pokemon GO's files, two other items were discovered as well. Apparently, Pokemon GO may be adding a Route Maker item in the future, as well as a VS Seeker Upgrade.

Besides items, the new Pokemon GO update features evidence of other new things coming to the mobile game. This includes Shadow Pinsir, as well as a reworked buddy Pokemon system that will let players feed their Pokemon and have to be more mindful of their buddy Pokemon's emotions. A ranked mode for PvP can also be found in the update files, in addition to the entirety of the Gen 5 Pokedex.

As for when Pokemon GO players will actually get to catch Gen 5 Pokemon in the game, luckily Niantic has already shared the Gen 5 release date. The first Gen 5 Pokemon will be in Pokemon GO beginning September 16. We still don't know which Gen 5 Pokemon will be included in the initial wave, but it's a safe bet that it will at least include the Gen 5 starter Pokemon. Meanwhile, Pokemon GO fans can expect more Gen 5 Pokemon to be added to the game over time.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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