Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus Event Week 1 Rewards and Guide

pokemon go ultra week 1

This week marks the beginning of the Ultra Bonus event in Pokemon GO which means some big rewards and some new shiny critters for folks to find. The event has a lot going on but this breakdown should help players sort through it.

The first week of the Pokemon GO Ultra Bonus event starts today, September 2nd, and ends on September 9th. Players will have a shot at some rare Pokemon during the event and will also have the opportunity to hatch eggs twice as fast. The event will also introduce some legendary Pokemon into raids, with the whole event revolving around giving players a chance to grow their Johto Pokedex.

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First, players will get the opportunity to hatch Unown from some 10 km eggs. Pokemon GO's Unown still won't appear frequently, but players will get a shot at the U, L, T, R, and A versions. The event will also crank up the effectiveness of the incubator to 2x the standard output. In other words, players should constantly have 10km eggs cycling through their incubators. Players who turn on Adventure Sync will get a ton of stardust and some extra chances at those unique Unown. Unown can net some good trades for folks trying to complete their collection, so it's smart for players to have as many variations as possible on hand.

pokemon go ultra week 1

The event also give players a chance at getting two new shiny Pokemon on top of the recently released shiny flower crown Eevee. Sentret and Gligar will both see shiny versions release into the wild during the event. The shiny versions will turn up rarely, so players should make sure to check every one of these two they come across for the shiny variants. The spawn rates for the shiny versions will drop once the event ends, so players should try to grab them up now.

Finally, players will get a shot at legendaries Raikou, Entei, and Suicune during raids. Players can go for all of them if they have gaps to fill. However, Raikou comes in handy during high level play the most out of all of these, so players should try to pick up as many as they can before the event ends.

The first week of the Ultra Bonus event looks to brings some exciting things to Pokemon GO, but once this week ends, the event has two more weeks to go. Niantic has given a sneak peek of what Pokemon GO fans can expect from Ultra Bonus weeks 2 and 3, but they will surely reveal more fun stuff. Pokemon GO fans should make sure they have some comfortable sneakers because they will get a lot of walking done over the next couple of weeks.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

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