Pokemon GO: Tyranitar's Exclusive Move for Community Day Revealed

Pokemon GO Opens Raid Battles to Almost All Players - Tyranitar

Pokemon GO fans have no doubt had the upcoming Larvitar Community Day on June 16 marked on their calendars since its announcement, but it was only today that they learned what exclusive move they will be able to unlock. As announced by Niantic, anyone who evolves a Larvitar all the way to a Tyranitar (which requires 125 candy total) during the Community Day event will unlock the rock-type move Smack Down.

Anyone who wants to get their hands on a Tyranitar that knows Smack Down in Pokemon GO should make sure to evolve a Larvitar to a Pupitar, and then a Pupitar to a Tyranitar during the three hour Community Day window. Players will have to evolve their Pupitars into Tyranitars from 11am PDT to 2pm PDT to get the exclusive move - the rest of the day doesn't count as part of the event.

Besides the exclusive move, Pokemon GO have more reasons to be excited about the June 16 Community Day. Players will be able to take advantage of triple XP for every Pokemon caught during the event, which can be stacked with Lucky Eggs to really help players level up. Lure Modules will be active for three hours as well, which should help players catch as many Pokemon as possible during the duration of the event.


Beyond Larvitar Community Day, Pokemon GO enthusiasts have a lot more to look forward to this summer. Next month, July 6, marks the two year anniversary of Pokemon GO, and it is expected to bring with it some surprises for fans. Last year's anniversary marked the introduction of raids to the game and the addition of the first legendary Pokemon, so it will be interesting to see what Niantic has in store to top it.

Pokemon GO fans who are interested in the future of the mobile game should be sure to pay attention to the Pokemon GO Fest activities next month in Chicago. In the meantime, players can add a Tyranitar that knows Smack Down to their Pokemon collection this Saturday, June 16 from 11am PDT to 2pm PDT.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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