Pokemon GO Adds Two New Shiny Pokemon

Niantic has made sure to keep Pokemon Go players busy this season with a seemingly endless amount of events and challenges to take part in. September has continued that trend with brand new Research Tasks to accomplish as well as an increasing PokeStop invasion by Team Rocket and their Shadow Pokemon. Part two of the Ultra Bonus 2019 event is also live and while players are walking around trying to hatch eggs, they may come upon some newly introduced shiny Pokemon.

According to players, the Pokemon that were formerly exclusive to Go Fest from earlier this year are now spawning out in the wild for all Pokemon Go players. The new set of four Pokemon are the steel/fairy type Mawile, dark type Absol, ice/steel type Alolan Sandshrew, and ice type Alolan Vulpix. What isn't currently clear is if this sudden appearance is just tied to the current Ultra Bonus event or if this is intended to be a standard addition.

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These inclusions also mean that trainers have a chance at scoring the Shiny variants of Mawile and Absol outside of a raid for the first time as well. They remain a rare spawn out in the wild, though players can also find them from gifts and eggs as well. Considering the increased focus on those elements due to the current event going on, players likely have a better chance to find them than normal.

Week 2 of the Ultra Bonus 2019 event kicked off yesterday, placing the focus on Gifting, walking distance, and hatching as many eggs as possible over the next few days. Thankfully, the event also has a few perks for players who participate. The first is that the generation 1 regional Pokemon including Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros have a chance to hatch from 7km eggs. The second is that all incubated eggs will have their distance cut in half, meaning players can hatch eggs much faster than normal. Finally, the Previously EX exclusive Legendary Pokemon Deoxys can be found inside of level 5 Raids.

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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