Pokemon GO: Two Players Beat Moltres Legendary Raid Together


While some Pokemon GO players decided that there's power in numbers when it comes to the augmented reality mobile title's Legendary Raid Battles – a group of 80 people showed up at one spot in Montana just recently to take down the game's fire-type creature, Moltres, for instance – some fans have decided to make the challenge even more difficult by gathering in smaller groups. Although up to 20 trainers can work together to fight high-level beasts, it turns out that a pair of players have been able to defeat the title's newest Legendary monster with seconds to spare.

As seen below in the YouTuber boushinshi's video, he and his partner managed to take down Pokemon GO's Moltres by consistently attacking it with some Golem – that is a rock-type monster often recommend in the fire-type Legendary Raid Battles. However, it's also worth noting that both boushinshi and his teammate were at level 40, which happens to be the game’s level cap.

For those unaware, Moltres Raid Battles started roughly two days ago, which goes to show the impressive nature of both boushinshi and his partner's effort, as Raid Battles are meant to be the most challenging part of Pokemon GO. In theory, Moltres shouldn't be an easy fight even for a plethora of trainers, as it has more than 40,000 combat power (CP), which allows the monster to dish out a world of hurt against those attempting to defeat it.

Looking at boushinshi's video above as an example, it's obvious that figuring out how to beat Moltres in small groups is not totally impossible. So far, some of the best strategies have involved using multiple power-leveled creatures with at least 3000 CP that are natural counters to the Legendary bird's type, including any rock, water, and electric based Pokemon. Typically, Tyranitar, Omastar, and Golem have yielded the best results

Of course, those who have yet to defeat Moltres yet will need to do so as soon as possible, because Niantic is set to remove the creature on August 7, 2017, in order to then introduce Team Instinct’s mascot, Zapdos on the following day. All things considered, it will be interesting to see how much of a challenge the flying and electric-type Legendary will eventually provide for Pokemon GO fans once it swoops into action next week.

Pokemon GO is available now through Android and iOS.

Source: boushinshi – YouTube

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