Twitch streamer Summit1G has a scary experience while playing Pokemon GO in a public park as he becomes the latest gaming celebrity to fall victim to a “Swatting” prank.

While Pokemon GO is clearly a huge success for Niantic and Nintendo,  the smartphone app has also made headlines over the last month for putting some of its players into harm’s way. Among other incidents, there was a teenager who was hit by a car in Pennsylvania while playing the game, as well as 9 victims who were robbed after being lured to a Pokestop.

Now, the latest gamer to have a negative experience thanks to Pokemon GO is a well-known Twitch streamer who was “Swatted” by police while playing the game in a park. Video uploaded to YouTube shows streamer Summit1G was sitting outdoors on a bench with a friend this afternoon when things suddenly escalated.

As the video opens, it appears that Summit1G is already aware that there are police searching the area, as someone, potentially one of his viewers, has apparently called in a threat to the park. At first, the streamer seems unworried about the situation.

“I’m not in any danger whatsoever. I promise,” Summit1G said. “A cop’s not just gonna come up and point his rifle at me for no reason. When it comes to police officers, I listen to every word they say and I abide by what they tell me to do.”

Unfortunately, Summit1G would soon have to demonstrate exactly what he said. The video shows the streamer looking off into the distance and then responding to a police officer who has told him to step away from the bench.

“All right, maybe we are gonna have guns pointed at us. Not good,” he told his viewers. Summit1G then continued to stream for several tense minutes, remaining motionless and silent while the police conducted their search off-camera. Finally, he asks an officer “Am I good?” and is apparently given the all-clear right before the stream comes to an end. Summit1G took to Twitter following the incident to let everyone know that he’s OK.

For those wondering, everything is fine and the cops were super cool about things. Safe to say the stream is done for today though.— summit1g (@summit1g) July 25, 2016

While this was a briefly harrowing experience, the practice of “Swatting” is something that most Twitch streamers are probably prepared for by now. There are numerous other examples out there of juvenile individuals calling in threats to a streamer’s address as a prank. Other gamers have used “Swatting” to get revenge on an opponent after a loss in an online game. Swatting has also been used outside the gaming realm to go after Internet celebrities simply because they’re famous.

What do you think should be done to individuals who call in fake threats like these to the police, Ranters? Sound off in the comments.

Pokemon GO is currently available for Android and iOS devices in select regions.

Source: Perx – YouTube