A new bug is being reported in Pokemon GO that transforms Pokemon into another one altogether after being caught, causing more headaches for trainers.

Just days after the controversial update that threw the entire community into utter turmoil, another issue has been added to the long list already plaguing Pokemon GOUsers are reporting a bug that changes the Pokemon a trainer catches into another Pokemon entirely.

The one constant with this particular bug is that despite what it changes into, a Pokemon will always keep the same CP as the Pokemon that was originally caught. For example, if a trainer catches a 40 CP Growlithe, and it transforms into a Weedle, it will still be 40 CP. One reddit user posted a video of the bug, where a Poliwag can be seen turning into a Rattata. Again, it follows the pattern by keeping the CP through the transformation. He also claims this is the third time the bug has affected his catches in Pokemon GO.

Understandably, players are frustrated by this development. On top of dealing with a nonexistent tracker meant to help capture rare Pokemon, the ones they do manage to catch could turn into something common and ordinary, causing some players to potentially lose out on a coveted Snorlax. However, this could also be a blessing, if the odds are in their favor. Rural players and those who are not located in a Pokemon paradise like Central Park in New York might catch something typical that could turn into something incredibly rare.

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This might explain the sudden appearance of the legendary bird Articuno, who has allegedly popped up in a gym in Ohio recently, but it’s not likely. The real question is whether or not this bug has that kind of potential at all. If the bug can make catches transform into any Pokemon, the community might see legendary birds and adorably amorphous Dittos before they are officially released.

Players who are not keen on trying their luck will just have to wait patiently for a solution, but, given the sheer amount of work ahead of developer Niantic following the recent player fallout, this bug might be put on hold until more longstanding issues are addressed. Until then, the Pokemon GO players still backing the game will have to cross their fingers and toes that their Spearows turn into Dragonites.

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Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android.

Source: Reddit