Pokemon GO Datamine Teases Trading, Legendary Pokemon, and More

pokemon go rare spawnpoint

A Pokemon GO player publishes code samples datamined from the game that seem to reference player trading, a new type of location, and even a means of catching legendary Pokemon.

It's no secret that Pokemon GO hasn't managed to retain the immense levels of popularity that it enjoyed at launch — it's too soon to call the game a flash in the pan, but there are serious questions to be asked about its longevity. Now, datamining has unveiled some of the content Niantic plans to add to the game.

Reddit user cokuspocus published a post filled with findings from a datamining effort over the weekend, and the results are rather illuminating. There are references to new items, new gameplay mechanics, and perhaps even the long-awaited addition of player trading.

First off are consumables listed as 'item_incense_spicy', 'item_incense_cool', and 'item_incense_floral'. It's speculated that these items are variants on the incense currently available in-game that specifically target specific types of Pokemon — presumably fire, ice, and grass.

Perhaps more surprising are references to a fort, such as 'add_fort_modifier' and 'fort_deploy_pokemon'. It's been confirmed that this isn't just the coding nomenclature for gyms, as they are referred to by name elsewhere in the game's script.

These forts could offer a different spin on the capture-and-hold gameplay offered up by gyms. There's even the possibility that they could be tied into special events that facilitate the capture of legendary Pokemon, which have been confirmed for future inclusion in Pokemon GO for some time.

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This datamining effort confirms that legendaries are still on their way to the game. As well as a string that reads 'activity_catch_pokemon', one that's written 'activity_catch_legend_pokemon' has been discovered, which might suggest that the process of catching these mythical monsters will be slightly different to the norm.

Since Pokemon GO launched, players have been eager to have the opportunity to trade Pokemon with one another. Among the other information present in the game's code, there are some hints as to how the process will work once Niantic implements it.

Code titled 'trade_search', 'trade_offer', 'trade_response', and 'trade_result' were all found, giving us some idea of how the process will play out. It's particularly noteworthy that there's a 'search' option, although it's not clear whether that means players will be able to scour the whole world or simply their surrounding area.

Fans will definitely be interested to hear that references to trading, legendary Pokemon. and new gameplay components are already present in the game's code. However, the long-term success of Pokemon GO hinges on how quickly these features will be introduced — players are moving on, but the addition of more things to do in-game could definitely help stem the flow.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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