The tracker tool may be broken in Pokemon GO, but players can still hunt effectively, thanks to fan-site PokeVision which shows all Pokemon in the nearby area in real time.

Pokemon GO fever continues to spread across the world as the latest mobile craze is downloaded to more and more devices, despite the issues faced by the AR game. For now, developer Niantic is sure to be working on a fix for the game-breaking tracker glitch, but it seems players have found a way around the problem for the time being.

Using fan-hosted site PokeVision, gamers can track the exact locations of potential catches, allowing them to see exactly where the rarer creatures can be found. The application reportedly uses Niantic’s API too grab the location of all nearby Pokemon in real time.


While using the site does defeat the purpose of Pokemon GO‘s gameplay, it’s still a handy workaround until the developer fixes the issues with the tracking device.

To use the traker, simply enter the location you want to scan and hit the red “Find Pokemon Near Marker” button which can be pressed every 30 seconds. PokeVision will scan the nearby area, showing fans all creatures in the vicinity as well as the time left until they disappear.

Rarer creatures last for less time, meaning that Pokemon GO players will have to be quick on their feet in order to capture them, much like the recent stampede in Central Park goes to show. Any creatures that are caused to appear by lures or incense are not part of the standard spawning and therefore will not appear on PokeVision’s display so players should bear that in mind while searching.

While some may view this method of finding the powerful monsters a form of cheating, it will certainly be advantageous to those who choose to take advantage of it. It may even help net Pokemon fans up to £5,000 in prize money, courtesy of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, which should help subdue any ethical dilemma’s that players are faced with.

Whether the site becomes popular or not, Pokemon trainers should remember that a rare creature’s appearance is no excuse to go trespassing, something that 2 teenagers learnt the hard way recently after being shot at by a man in Florida. Even when the tracker gets a fix, PokeVision is sure to still come in handy to those willing to use it, especially as the illusive rare Pokemon become available in time.

What do you think of PokeVision, Ranters? A useful resource or a cheater’s tool?

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Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices in select regions.