Pokemon GO Blaziken Community Day Exclusive Move Revealed

pokemon go torchic blaziken community day

Pokemon GO Torchic Community Day is set to take place on May 19 from 3 PM to 6 PM local time. Per usual, those who manage to get enough candy to obtain Torchic's final form, Blaziken, will also be rewarded with a unique and exclusive move as part of this event. There was some discussion in the community prior to this revelation that the move could be Blaze Kick – an iconic move for Blaziken – but it turned out to be Blast Burn. However, there's more to it than just that.

Blast Burn is exclusive to Fire-type starters and has typically only been available from Community Days. Charmander and Cyndaquil are the only other two Pokemon who have had the chance to learn the move so far, so not including it in the Pokemon GO Community Day event would have been a serious break from tradition. Not to mention, it would have erased the possibility of getting a Blast Burn Blaziken, but for those asking for Blaze Kick, it seems developer Niantic listened.

Beginning on Community Day and staying in the game thereafter, players will be able to use a TM to teach Blaziken Blaze Kick. In other words, it's the best of both worlds because Blast Burn Blaziken and Blast Kick Blaziken will be available in-game in relation to this event. Blast Burn Blaziken is competitive with Moltres in the raid and PVP meta, so it's likely both will be popular to run in Pokemon GO teams moving forward.

Beyond the Community Day Exclusive move, other Pokemon GO bonuses will be live during this event, namely the usual 3-hour lure modules and 3x Catch Stardust. Speaking of, three new special Pokemon GO lure modules have recently been datamined by a reliable source, and while no release date has been confirmed, they should hopefully appear soon. Being that two of them are related to Ice- and Grass-type Pokemon, it stands to reason that this will be the evolution method for the fan-favorites Glaceon and Leafeon.

Pokemon GO May Community Day guide

It remains to be seen if these lure modules will be affected by such bonuses, but it could make certain Pokemon GO Community Days quite entertaining. Prior to the event, though, there are currently new raid bosses for the Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu event, so players may want to catch them all before that event ends for the new one.

Pokemon GO is out now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

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