Pokemon GO fans on Reddit discover that Niantic has tweaked the catch rate for Togetic in the game, but the Pokemon is still going to be difficult to catch.

For the millions of people around the world that are still trying to catch ’em all in Pokemon GO, one particular Pokemon has proven to be rather difficult to obtain. That Pokemon is Togetic, the evolved form of baby Pokemon Togepi, who is not only rare, but has had such a low catch rate that some have found it nearly impossible to get one to stay in a Pokeball. However, it should now be a little easier to catch a Togetic out in the wild.

Pokemon GO players on Reddit have dug into the files added in the game’s latest update, which is how they discovered Togetic’s increased catch rate. With the latest update, Togetic’s catch rate has been increased to 5%, so while it will still be very difficult to catch one out in the wild, there’s a better chance than there was before.

Togetic’s catch rate isn’t the only thing Niantic has increased about the Pokemon in Pokemon GO‘s latest update. The company also decided to tweak its flee rate, which is also 5%, meaning Togetic is just as likely to be captured as it is to flee. Considering this, players may want to make sure they hit as many PokeStops as possible before trying to catch a Togetic, as a wild one is likely to make them use an absurd number of Pokeballs and berries.


At the time of this writing, it’s unclear why Niantic wants it to be so difficult to catch Togetic when compared to other Pokemon in the game. Togetic isn’t a particularly special Pokemon in the anime or games, and it doesn’t have the combat prowess of  the over-powered Blissey or other powerful Pokemon. Togetic also isn’t as popular as Pikachu, Eevee, or many other Pokemon that are available to catch in Pokemon GO, so it’s strange that Niantic is making it so hard for trainers to catch it.

Perhaps Niantic would rather players obtain a Togetic through other means. Players have been able to obtain a Togepi since baby Pokemon were added to the game a few weeks ago, so maybe Niantic expects players to hatch a Togepi from an egg, assign Togepi as a buddy Pokemon to earn extra candy, and evolve it with that method instead of catching a Togetic in the wild.

Whatever the reason for Niantic’s low catch rate for Togetic, at least the company has increased it a little for players still trying to catch one. In the meantime, players can obtain Togetic through other methods, but those hoping to catch Togetic in the wild instead of grinding for candy with Togepi may want to wait and see if Niantic tweaks its catch rate again.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.